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Using Essential Oils for Tummy Upset

I have had so many friends and family suffering from tummy upset lately.  Before we get started I just want to remind the readers that all essential oils are NOT created equal.  Oils purchased from your local grocery store are for fragrance use only and should NEVER be used for wellness purposes.  If the label says ‘Do Not Eat or Ingest’ or has an expiration date then do not use it.  Only use Therapeutic grade essential oils.  Check out Young Living’s Seed To Seal quality promise.
My absolute favorite essential oil blend for sour tummy, gas issues and general tummy yuck is the Young Living blend Di-Gize.  In my experience, even in the most extreme cases, putting a drop or two of full strength Di-Gize in my belly button and/or on the bottom of my feet, starts to work quickly.  If a problem still persists I would recommend repeating as often as necessary!  I even use this full strength on my young children (1 year and 4 year old) in their belly buttons.  But, there is now a wonderful Kids Line of oils that includes Tummy Gize!!!!  I will be trying that on them next time.  If dealing with a really bad sour tummy I would even go so far as to drink a drop in hot tea or in a teaspoon of local honey!  Yeah, it probably would not taste that great, but if I felt that bad  I would tolerate the taste.
Another GREAT oil for tummies when the tummy problem is not so severe is Peppermint.  I use this one when my little girl tells me her tummy hurts, but there is no other sign of problems.  Again, I just put a drop or two (slightly diluted with a carrier oil) in her belly button and/or on the bottom of her feet.  Repeat as often as necessary.
Another wonderful thing about peppermint essential oil is that it both smells and tastes great.  You can use it for general pain, head discomfort, bruises, bad breath, occasional tiredness (like for the 3 ‘O Clock Pick-me-up), alleviate sinuses, itchy eyes and a wide myriad of other things.  It is great in hot tea or water (you may not want to use a full drop, but rather dip a toothpick in it and stir the tea or water with the toothpick) for daily use or enjoyment.  My mother uses it for head discomfort by rubbing it on her temples and dipping a toothpick in it and sucking on the toothpick.  You could also place a drop on your tongue and push your tongue on the roof of your mouth.  Peppermint is a very strong oil, so always dilute until you know how you like it.  Also, if using around the bony part of the eye or bridge of the nose for sinus discomfort be sure to really dilute and be aware that it may sting the eyes for several minutes or so even though you did not get the oil in your eyes…even the fumes of peppermint are strong!
Another great use for peppermint is aiding to regulate body temperature!  I know the mind reels at the thought of peppermint doing even more, but it does so much.  I always use peppermint as a first defense against rising body temperature in my children, but know that sometimes other means are necessary.  For my babies and young children I have always diluted peppermint and put it in the belly button, on the bottom of the feet, on the chest and back.  I know that sounds like a lot, but I like to attack.  I reapply as often as necessary and alternate with lukewarm baths.
Peppermint also helps to drive other oils deeper into the skin.  So if you use lavender and wanted to drive it deeper for some reason you could then apply peppermint over the same area.  Beware…it really does drive deeper, and if this is too intense apply a carrier oil over that same spot to dilute
Note: some nursing women have experienced milk reduction when using peppermint, so you may want to avoid.  I have not had this issue personally.  Please use common sense.
Enough about peppermint, this is a post about tummy upset…oops!
I also recommend talking to your health care provider before beginning any type of natural routine.
My family uses the oils for EVERYTHING.  Our personal philosophy is to apply the oils with prayer and discernment, then take further measures if necessary.
Other ways to help with a sour tummy: eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water, exercise, get good sleep and wash your hands.
My stock of oils is through Young Living Essential Oils, and I must say that I LOVE them.  I have always had positive and swift results using their oils and am confident in their product line.  They also sell wonderful cleaning products, hand sanitizer, personal hygiene products (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, skin care…) and more.  A couple of really nice things about Young Living is that they are International so you do not have to live here to order, and you can choose your shipping time.  Oh, and if you use a quickly vanishing product such as shampoo, supplements or other you can get on a monthly auto ship!
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