Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Review Blog

Check out my new review blog at http://doodlereview.blogspot.com/ where you can read my first review about Scrinchables Cloth Wipes.  Please tell your friends because I want to have a lot of people reading and a lot of items to review.  Check back soon to read my review about The Posh Frog's boy Tie Shirt!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

School Days or Daze?

This year my precious little girl is going to preschool two days a week.  And these are not just little half days, these are long 5.5 hour days! 

Last Wednesday was actually her first day of school, but she went in 2 hours late because she had not slept at all the night before due to a stuffy nose (I blame the smoke in the air from the wild fires).  Anyway, at 10:30 that day she announced to me that she wanted to go show her friends her pretty dress and socks and shoes and lunch box and nap mat and backpack...in that order.  We got ready and arrived just before 11:00; still plenty of time left in the day, but not so long that it shook me as Mommy.  I actually got to walk her into class and see her go right in as if she owned the place.  They were doing 'centers' at that moment and she just went right up to the 'center' she wanted to be in and never looked back.  No hug, no kiss, no bye Mommy.  Just gone.  She had such a great time that when I picked her up that afternoon the first thing she said when she got into the car was, "I want to do it again!"  and then she quickly followed with, "Why you just take me from my friends."  I explained that all the friends were going home and she could do this again on Monday.  She fell asleep when we got home!

Today actually feels like the first day of school to me because she will be there all 5.5 hours, and we used the carpool system.  You know, where you pull up to the door and a teachers assistant or other staff member come take your child from the car and walk them to class!  I had been preparing Mackenzie for this in advance so she would allow this person to help her out of the car (and thankfully she recognized the lady helping), but she was not phased one bit!  The lady opened the door and Mackenzie said, "Is my dress lovely?  And my socks and shoes?"  to which the lady responded, "You look beautiful."  Then she helped my daughter out and off to her class.  As soon as she shut my car door my eyes filled up with tears and I thought I was going to loose all self control of my tears right then.  Thankfully I had to drive off to keep the carpool line flowing or I might have just sat in my car and cried!  My baby girl is growing up so fast, and she is only 3-years old.  What's next, driving, boys, college?!?!?

Parenting sure is a series of letting go, but it is all in preparation of allowing them to one day become the person that they will be forever! 

Have a Great Day my precious little girl - Mommy loves you!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days

Mackenzie starts pre-school just after Labor Day this year, and I don't exactly know what to do about that?  It is a wonderful thing, and she will LOVE the consistent interaction with other kiddos her age, and her teacher and teacher's assistant.  I expect her to mature a lot, and possibly even end the year doing quantum physics, or maybe just writing her name, but still!  I'm not sure I know what I will do.  I mean, I have never been apart from her more than 3 hours straight; and certainly never had her with people other than Grandparents for any length of time.  Yes, she goes to Sunday School, but that is maybe 2 hours and once a week.  Now she will be at SCHOOL for 5.5 hours two days a week!  That is a whopping 11 hours a week away from Mommy plus Sunday School for 13 hours a week!  And the scary thing about this...she will enjoy being away from me :)  It is a good thing, and now, just maybe, I can clean the house!

Yes, I will post pictures on that famous "First Day of School" and compare them to her last day of school. 


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tutu Dresses Now Available

Costume tutu dresses for newborn to 2T are now available for $25 for one, $45 for two, $20 each for three or more.  Each style below is also available in bigger girl sizes for the same prices listed above, but without the dress bodice.  Cost does not include shipping.  Custom tutus also available.  To order e-mail mackiedoodles@gmail.com or visit my page on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Mackiedoodles/125344560889107

(Great for photo props, birthdays, Halloween, themed parties, holidays, Christmas, New Years, pageants, dress up, play time and much more)

Fairy comes with wings

Bumble Bee comes with wings and feather hair clip

Lady Bug comes with wings and feather hair clip (example of tutu without dress bodice)

Princess comes with tiara (or feather hair clip for babies)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Food Dye Update

Just an update...Mackenzie is doing AWESOME off of food dyes (like: Red 40, Yellow 5...).  She has not had one single rage since being off of them.  I have called dozens of manufacturers, fast food places, ice cream shops and restaurants to find out which food contain the dye so we can avoid them if we are ever eating out and about. 

Two of the places I spoke with had employees with children that are sensitive to food dyes, and one had a lady that got off of them for her eczema!  Petroleum based chemicals should NOT be in our food for any reason...actually, some of these dyes were banned from being in gasoline because it is too dangerous to inhale, yet we are eating it!  Too bad the people that regulate our gasoline rules are not regulating our food, then maybe this stuff would not be in our food, so for now we read labels and stay healthy by being aware and educated.

Food dyes have been linked to insomnia, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, Allergies, Cancer, Angry Rages, Suicide, Skin problems and more.

So if you have unexplained health issues try looking at what you are eating; the answer may be in your food.

Mackenzie Phrase

Don't you just love hearing what little kids say?  I do, they can keep you laughing all day long.  I keep trying to write Mackenzie's phrases down in her baby book, or blog them here, but as a busy mom of two...I forget. 

Here is one from yesterday.  I am always asking Mackenzie if she shut the door because we don't want to let the air conditioner escape.  So when I asked her if she shut the door she said, "Oh No!  The furniture is getting away!"  Super cute :)

She most often refers to her brother as Baby Brother, So Cute, or Micah, Micah Wayman if he is crying or doing something she does not like.

Both Mackenzie and Micah seem so much older and bigger to me.  I view Mackenzie more as a big kid or child lately and not a toddler (she is 3 years old), but in my mind I think she should be a toddler.  Well, she is growing up on me.  Micah can stand on his own, crawls the big boy way (still prefers to army crawl), pulls up on everything, tries to climb on stuff, and is trying really hard to walk on his own.  I'm really not ready for my 8-month old to be walking, but if I were to guess I would say he will be walking some time in his 9th month.  He is really happy and LOVES his big sissy.  I think I hear him saying phrases also.  The phrase that is the most clear is "I like it."  Which I think he picked up from me asking him if he likes what he is eating and his Sissy when she says, "I think he likes it".  He also says, Mama, Dada, Kiss, Did it and a few more I can't think of right now.  So far he has NO INTEREST in signing like Mackenzie did and does, and hates television.  He wants to play and get into EVERYTHING.  So very curious.

The only trouble we have is when he tries to play with Mackenzie's toys...she is not sharing very well yet with him, but we are working on that.

Oh, last night Mackenzie didn't want to go to sleep, so when Daddy put her in her bed he told her to sing.  We could hear her singing for over an hour from the other room.  It was really funny and sweet!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Really Busy

Sorry for not posting, but I have been really busy lately.  I have always been making hair bows, but am now selling them, and am also making and selling tutu's.  Now I decided to make Mackenzie a dress, so last night I made one (without a pattern, so with one it would have turned out better).  I must have hit the craft stage of being a Mom?  Now I want to make little boys hats, but that looks a bit complicated.  We will see!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

4th of July Tutu and Hairbow Options

Here are all of my 4th of July tutu and hair bow options.  I also plan on doing costume tutus with headbands (think ladybugs, bumblebees, tigers, fairy's...) for 'Halloween' time and Rodeo tutu's (think bandannas, denim and yarn) for rodeo time, so check back often.  E-mail me at natalie.sherwood@gmail.com to place your order while time and supplies last!

Tutu $20
Tutu with choice of hair bow: $25

 American Flag Tutu

 Star Hair bow

 Stripes and Sparkle Tutu

Pom Pom Hairbow

Friday, June 10, 2011

4th of July Tutu

I am currently making 4th of July tutu's. 

Tutu: $20
Tutu with hair bow: $25

Local orders only, I am not set up for shipping. 

The tutu styles are the American Flag (seen below) and Stripes (red, white & blue stripes with rhinestones).

E-mail me at natalie.sherwood@gmail.com to place orders while time and supplies last.  I will need the baby/child's skirt size or waist measurement along with waist to knee measurement for a more true fit.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jesus Visits

Usually Wayne goes in to get Mackenzie in the morning, but this morning she was not ready to get up and wanted to stay in her bed, so he left her to get ready for work and later I went in to check on her.  As soon as I walked into her room I asked her if she was ready to get up and she nodded yes and sat up on the side of her bed.  She looked at me and said, "Jesus touched my shoulder" as she pointed to her left shoulder.  I asked her if her shoulder hurt and she said, "No, Jesus made it all better."  I then asked her if it had hurt before Jesus touched it and she said, "No, Jesus touced my shoulder and make it all better."  I asked her if she saw Jesus or if she just felt Jesus and she said, "I saw Jesus and he touched my shoulder."  I said, "What did he look like?"  She said, "He looked like God."

Very cool!  Looks like Jesus had a visit with Mackenzie this morning and He put His hand on her shoulder.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First What?

Today was a great family day, and a day of multiple firsts.

Micah's FIRST tooth came in today.

Micah's FIRST visit to the zoo.

Our FIRST visit to the zoo as a family.

Our FIRST family fun day where Wayne took a day off to have FUN.

Mackenzie's FIRST McDonald's Happy Meal.

Micah's FIRST tan (even though he had sunscreen and stroller shade, and we stayed under the trees).  He has Mommy's skin.

Various Subjects

Yesterday was a BIG day for the Sherwood Family...at least in my opinion. 

This first subject you may not want to read about as it pertains to potty training, so if not please skip down to the next paragraph.  Mackenzie had a HUGE breakthrough yesterday.  She aked to go potty then sent me out of the restroom and made me close the door.  A moment later she called me in and she had gone poo poo on the potty!  We made a very big deal over this and she got three M&M's and a prize from her pink potty grab bag!!!!  Great days ahead, I just know it.

Mackenzie's little friend had his 3rd Birthday and party yesterday at the park and Mackenzie had a wonderful time; until, that is, Saw's baby brother Lincoln decided to 'share' his cupcake with everyone around.  To fully appreciate what I am saying please visit HERE.  You can read the story and see photo evidence.  This so tramatized her that even after having a great time playing on the playground again that when we were in the car to go home I aked her if she had fun and she anounced that it was awful!  This kid crackes me up.

Then, on another note another friend of mine had baby #3 last night! 

Now off to Family Fun Day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

We have been really busy lately.  I have had so many moments where I thought 'I need to blog about that', but just never did.  Why?  Because I am busy and then forget what it was I was going to blog about :)

Mackenzie is getting to be such a young lady.  Whenever I look at her I no longer see my baby girl, but rather am viewing her as a child.  It makes me want to both cry and smile.  Cry because I miss my baby, but smile because she is such a joy.  The past few weeks have been really good with her not throwing those tantrums.  I think her tantrums are a 3 and 4 fold thing, so I am working on taking care of one or two of those items, and the other two will naturally work themselves out in the next month or two.  By then we should be pretty much tantrum free!  Other than her tantrums she is such a sweet and caring young lady.  I just want to squeeze and hug and kiss her.

Oh, and she is now in BIG GIRL clothes.  Yup!  Although I still put her in some of her toddler 5 clothes (like shorts and shirts) she has officially moved up to XS (4/5) and S (5/6) in the big girls section.  She is now 40 pounds and over 40 inches tall, and her hair is down to her waist.  Recently she decided that the only thing she will wear (other than pajamas) is a dress, and since she only owned one casual dress that was handed down by her big cousin we were having clothing problems.  My Mom and I went out to get her some new casual (and a couple not so casual) dresses that she ABSOLUTELY LOVES.  She even wants to sleep in them at night, so it looks like we need to get her a night gown so she can sleep in a dress - lol.  My girlie girl!  Oh, and now she like to wear hair bows again - Yesssssssss!

As for Micah, he is growing also.  At almost 6 months old he is now around the 18 pound range, and I need to measure to see how long he is.  He is trying desperately to crawl AND walk.  Yes, you read that right; he wants to walk.  He is teething and wants those first teeth to come in soon, but we will see about that.  Big sissy makes him laugh, and he is just so precious.  He only gets upset with Daddy.  Yes, he is a Mamma's boy for now.  Don't worry, Mackenzie went through that same stage, and now she LOVES Daddy.

Well, bye for now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mackenzie on Brushing Teeth

Last night Mackenzie was watching my Mom (Nani) brush her teeth and this is what she had to say:

"Your a great spitter, Nani!"

Friday, January 21, 2011


Last night before bed, while sitting on the sofa this was our family conversation:

Mackenzie: "You like her!"
Me: "Who likes who, Baby Girl?"
Mackenzie: "Daddy, you like Mommy?"
Daddy: "Yes, I like Mommy."
Mackenzie: "Hooray, you like her!  Mommy, you like Daddy."
Me: "Yes, I like Daddy."
Mackenzie: "Hooray, you like each other...hooray."

Nursing Moms

You nursing Moms will like this, non-nursing people...you may not want to read :)

As most of you know I nursed Mackenzie for around 16-months and the first 7ish months of that was exclusive.  I am doing the same thing with Micah (only he will determine the total length just like Mackenzie did for herself).

Well Mackenzie loves to hold Micah and help in any way she can.  She really LOVES her baby brother.  The other day while I was feeding Micah she came up and sat next to me and said, "Mommy, I need to hold Micah and feed him milk from my booby."  I told her thank you for trying to help, but that she does not have milk ~puzzled look followed~ then explained that she won't have milk until she has babies of her own.  "OK," she said and ran off to play!

Your what hurts?

This past week Mackenzie would hear me say that my throat hurt, so on Tuesday (and ever since) she said that her throat hurt. I was scared she was getting sick so I asked her to point to it for me. She pointed to her knee and said, "My throat hurts in my knee." Ohhh! Sweet girl, now if she stubs her toe or knocks her elbow her 'throat' hurts in that spot. Kids are so funny!

The Princess and the ...


Mackenzie: "Mommy, you're a princess."
Me: "I'm a princess?!"
Mackenzie: "You're not a princess, you're a frog."

Thanks, I was downgraded very fast...oh, and we don't even have the book or movie about the princess and the frog!