Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What are you doing?

This may be a TMI post for some of you, but I think the majority of you can handel this.

Yesterday morning Daddy was taking a shower and Mackenzie left the living room where I was and headed into the bathroom where Daddy was. I guess Wayne couldn't see what Mackenzie was doing from where he was because I heard him say (in kind of a loud voice), "Mackenzie, what are you doing?"

I figured that was my queue to go find out what might be wrong, so I was surprised when I walked in to find Mackenzie sitting on her potty. I said, "Look, Honey, she is going potty." When she was done I then took off her pant and her diaper to see what she had done, and she had actually gone poo in her diaper while sitting on the potty...all by herself! Now we just have to work on getting her pants off BEFORE she sits on the potty.

I am so proud of her. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Post

Actually, I don't have anything new or exciting to post, so this will just be a mish-mash of random thoughts.

Mackenzie has been sleeping really well at night and nap time for quite a while now. I, however; am still catching up on my sleep. Any day now I will wake up completely refreshed and feel like a whole new woman :) Last night Mackenzie went to bed at 7:30 and woke up at 7:00 this morning. That is a good long rest.

Oh, we got some rain last night. Very exciting. Our grass actually looks mostly green today due to the rain, so I hope and pray that it rains some more this week and next week. We had to treat our yard for chinch bugs because they were quickly eating all of our grass root. Now to work on getting our grass to GROW...hence the need for rain.

I can't really think of anything else to type and Mackenzie is taking a nap, so I am going to go take advantage of this time. I'll write soon. Bye for now.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Potty Time

OK, I think it is time to at least begin the potty training with Mackenzie. She is just too in tuned with herself to keep putting this off. We already have a princess potty, and we just checked out Elmo's Potty Time from the library, but beyond that...I don't know.

Any suggestions?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot Soup

So the other day I fed Mackenzie hot tomato soup for lunch. She LOVED it and quickly caught on that it was called "Hot Soup". At the same time, Mackenzie imagination and play pretend have stepped up quite a bit. She is playing 'tea party' and 'dress up' and 'Mommy & baby' a lot these days. So it shouldn't have surprised me when I was giving her a bath yesterday and she decided to play pretend. Guess what she decided her bath water was...that's right, "Hot Soup".

Monday, July 13, 2009

So Fast.

It is hard to believe how quickly Mackenzie is growing up. Yes, she is still only 16-months old, but compared to the little baby she once was that is a big girl. Of coarse, when she is 16 years old I will be saying the same thing.

This morning when I was washing my face Mackenzie said, "Soap". We took turns saying soap when she decided to change it up a little and said, "Wet Soap". How fun, and she was correct. It was wet soap.

Sleeping is still going very well. She has cried out a few times in the night the last few nights, but I think it is because she is cutting yet another tooth, and it is a sharp canine tooth. Ouch! She now has 13 teeth. Watch out; if you are not careful she might try those teeth out on you.

Also, just the other day she realized how fun it is to RUN. Her run is so cute, almost like a hop step instead of a run, but it is pretty fast. And of coarse, she still LOVES dancing and "Outside". She is up to signing over 100 signs in American Sign Language and can carry on a pretty good verbal conversation too. Some days she prefers 'baby talk' and only uses real words to ask for something, but other days it is all about showing off her vocabulary.

Oh, and she is a girlie-girl. She tells me when she wants to wear a dress. She walks around in one of my high heel shoes almost all day. She is mesmerized by ear-rings and painted finger nails. And the other day Wayne caught her 'prising and prancing' across the room with her hands on her hips. How cute is that.

I sure enjoy my little (big) girl. Oh, and she is wanting to potty train. She wants to, not me. She runs up to me and says, "potty" just before she wets her diaper. If she didn't get to do that she will run up to me after she has wet her diaper and says, "Wets". She hides if she is other than wet, and she loves her potty. I guess pull-up are on the near horizon for the Sherwood home. How do you even begin potty training?


Is God trying to tell me something? Seriously.

I have had three people over the past two days tell me that I need to get pregnant. The strange thing is that every time someone says this to me I get a thrill that runs through me...almost like my body is saying, "What a great idea."

Then, last night Wayne told me we should go ahead and have more kids. Yes, WAYNE said that. Can you believe it? Then he followed up by saying we should have four or five. OK, so maybe he was a bit out of control for him, but maybe not. God must be moving in our hearts to make room for more.

So, what do you think? Is it time for more? :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We've Been Busy

I know it has been a while since I have blogged, but what can I say...we have been busy. Busy in a GOOD way.

First, I have really been working the Young Living Essential Oils, and I LOVE them. I have seen AMAZING results from my customers (especially in the area of arthritis, pain and skin conditions - most of my customers deal with this). Hopefully my next round will be focused on personal prevention and nutrition, but who knows. I am excited about an in home party I am leading (my friend is hosting) next Wednesday. So fun.

Second, Mackenzie is SLEEPING. No more of this waking up in the night stuff either. She is really sleeping. For about a week now Mackenzie has slept anywhere from 9-11 hours straight through the night. I want to get a full month of this under our belt before we do anything silly like an overnight trip to anywhere or staying out late. This needs to be her routine. Another great thing is that we no longer need "tricks" to put her to sleep. No more driving around in the car, no more drinking a bottle, no more rocking and singing. At nap time I just tell her that it is time to take a nap, I give her a big hug and kiss, I tell her that I love her and I lay her in the bed. Mackenzie then flips over onto her tummy with her bottom stuck in the air and falls asleep within 5 minutes. We do the same thing at bedtime, but first we have bedtime prayers with Daddy and night, night kisses. This has been an AMAZING breakthrough, and the perfect storm for us. The day I started giving Mackenzie 1/2 oz of NingXia Red drink and changed her sleep oils formula is the same day she started sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG. I also consider her age and the half 'cry-it-out' routine we started (only needed 3 days of that). Praise the Lord.

Onto other news, we had to get a new battery in our car. No big deal; it was just DEAD, but since it was still under warranty that didn't cost us a dime.

Also, Mackenzie LOVES swimming. Or at least being held in the pool acting like she is swimming. So much fun. It has been really hot here (100* plus), so we have to swim in the morning or the evenings, but that's OK with us.

Well, that is all for now. Take care everyone and come back soon for more blog reading.