Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rawfully Organic

I finally have a computer that can process the Internet and photographs!!!!  Yes, our computer from the late 1990's is finally disassembled and, for now, sitting on our study floor.  I am excited to say that I will finally be catching up here on my blog, and although most of these posts will be a day late and a dollar short at least they will finally be on here...and with pictures!

Let's get started.

I have had several inquiries about the Rawfully Organic Co-op that my family is now a part of.  I thought the best way to answer everyone was to post some of the information here and use pictures.  (For more specifics, pick up days and locations, what is in the boxes each week, helpful tips and videos visit the link above.)

My family LOVES to eat mostly fruits, veggies and green leafy food items that have not been processed.  We seem to feel best when that diet includes some carbs/starches and a little meat (too much meat and I feel YUCK).  What processed foods we do eat we make sure that it is all organic.  Although I have always been a healthy eater, my family is extremely more diligent today due to the adverse side effect of food additives on the human body (which our awareness started with my daughter and her very severe sensitivity); particularly artificial food color and other petroleum based additives that, if you can believe it, are not food at all.  Did you know that artificial food color is made from Gasoline and Coal Tar run off?!?!?  Would you allow your child to eat even a drop of WD-40 or drink even a teaspoon of gasoline?  If your answer is NO, then you should consider excluding those products from your diet.  If you would like more information about those ingredients Google it and check out the FDA's response as to whey they allow it in our food, or I would be more than happy to share with you what I now know; maybe I will make a post about it when I have more time or enough interest from readers.

Anyway, we have recently discovered the Rawfully Organic Co-op and truly love it.  It is a great way to receive local or organic fruits and veggies on a weekly, bi-monthly (or even less often) basis without racking your brain trying to decide what to get a the grocery store.  My family of four (two adults and two small children) get a half share that lasts us about two weeks.  We are not raw foodies or vegans or vegetarians (as I am sure you gleaned above), so we do supplement our box at the grocery store.  Receiving this box does, however; allow us to practically skip over that section of the store while only running in to quickly grab and item or two that we need for a specific meal or to go with meals that week. 

One of my favorite things about this co-op is that you get a large variety of items.  You get items that you would never have thought about purchasing, thus increasing the variety in the meals you prepare daily.  Some examples might be beets or Swiss chard (my new favorite leafy green veggie).  Also, if you KNOW that your family would NEVER EVER EAT an item(s) you are allowed to trade items from your box for other items.  They also sell additional items on the side, so if your family LOVES strawberries you can purchase extras when you pick up your box.  You even have the option of ordering an extra quarter, half or whole box of one item.  Maybe you make peach pie for all of your friends during peach season, you can pre-order an entire box of peaches to be there when you pick up your box.  Yumm!  Ok, if you do that make sure I get a pie :)

Rawfully Organic also tries to supply co-op members with weekly recipes for some of the ingredients in that weeks box.  This can help with that surprise ingredient (maybe turnips) that you have no idea what to do with, but you really want to try.  Actually, I love the recipe for apple, carrot, beet salad...yum!

Another great thing is that whenever possible, you are supporting local farms and eating local food.  You get to know your community and can help out or donate to the co-op at any time.

OK, are you ready for the pictures?  These pictures are from my very first half share box (remember, these pictures are of the HALF SHARE.  A full share has twice as much in it.)  Remember, the two pictures below are combined to make the half share I received.

Here are all the fruits I received in my half share (apples, pears, bananas, tangelos, kiwi, grapefruit, orange and pineapple; we ate the strawberries before we took the picture...oops)

Here are the veggies I received in my half share (two romaine lettuce, cilantro, spinach, tat choy, swiss chard, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber)

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  1. Love to hear more about the dyes and stuff. Great post and thanks for the photos of the food! I think we are trying it sometime!


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