Monday, September 12, 2011

School Days or Daze?

This year my precious little girl is going to preschool two days a week.  And these are not just little half days, these are long 5.5 hour days! 

Last Wednesday was actually her first day of school, but she went in 2 hours late because she had not slept at all the night before due to a stuffy nose (I blame the smoke in the air from the wild fires).  Anyway, at 10:30 that day she announced to me that she wanted to go show her friends her pretty dress and socks and shoes and lunch box and nap mat and that order.  We got ready and arrived just before 11:00; still plenty of time left in the day, but not so long that it shook me as Mommy.  I actually got to walk her into class and see her go right in as if she owned the place.  They were doing 'centers' at that moment and she just went right up to the 'center' she wanted to be in and never looked back.  No hug, no kiss, no bye Mommy.  Just gone.  She had such a great time that when I picked her up that afternoon the first thing she said when she got into the car was, "I want to do it again!"  and then she quickly followed with, "Why you just take me from my friends."  I explained that all the friends were going home and she could do this again on Monday.  She fell asleep when we got home!

Today actually feels like the first day of school to me because she will be there all 5.5 hours, and we used the carpool system.  You know, where you pull up to the door and a teachers assistant or other staff member come take your child from the car and walk them to class!  I had been preparing Mackenzie for this in advance so she would allow this person to help her out of the car (and thankfully she recognized the lady helping), but she was not phased one bit!  The lady opened the door and Mackenzie said, "Is my dress lovely?  And my socks and shoes?"  to which the lady responded, "You look beautiful."  Then she helped my daughter out and off to her class.  As soon as she shut my car door my eyes filled up with tears and I thought I was going to loose all self control of my tears right then.  Thankfully I had to drive off to keep the carpool line flowing or I might have just sat in my car and cried!  My baby girl is growing up so fast, and she is only 3-years old.  What's next, driving, boys, college?!?!?

Parenting sure is a series of letting go, but it is all in preparation of allowing them to one day become the person that they will be forever! 

Have a Great Day my precious little girl - Mommy loves you!