Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

We have been really busy lately.  I have had so many moments where I thought 'I need to blog about that', but just never did.  Why?  Because I am busy and then forget what it was I was going to blog about :)

Mackenzie is getting to be such a young lady.  Whenever I look at her I no longer see my baby girl, but rather am viewing her as a child.  It makes me want to both cry and smile.  Cry because I miss my baby, but smile because she is such a joy.  The past few weeks have been really good with her not throwing those tantrums.  I think her tantrums are a 3 and 4 fold thing, so I am working on taking care of one or two of those items, and the other two will naturally work themselves out in the next month or two.  By then we should be pretty much tantrum free!  Other than her tantrums she is such a sweet and caring young lady.  I just want to squeeze and hug and kiss her.

Oh, and she is now in BIG GIRL clothes.  Yup!  Although I still put her in some of her toddler 5 clothes (like shorts and shirts) she has officially moved up to XS (4/5) and S (5/6) in the big girls section.  She is now 40 pounds and over 40 inches tall, and her hair is down to her waist.  Recently she decided that the only thing she will wear (other than pajamas) is a dress, and since she only owned one casual dress that was handed down by her big cousin we were having clothing problems.  My Mom and I went out to get her some new casual (and a couple not so casual) dresses that she ABSOLUTELY LOVES.  She even wants to sleep in them at night, so it looks like we need to get her a night gown so she can sleep in a dress - lol.  My girlie girl!  Oh, and now she like to wear hair bows again - Yesssssssss!

As for Micah, he is growing also.  At almost 6 months old he is now around the 18 pound range, and I need to measure to see how long he is.  He is trying desperately to crawl AND walk.  Yes, you read that right; he wants to walk.  He is teething and wants those first teeth to come in soon, but we will see about that.  Big sissy makes him laugh, and he is just so precious.  He only gets upset with Daddy.  Yes, he is a Mamma's boy for now.  Don't worry, Mackenzie went through that same stage, and now she LOVES Daddy.

Well, bye for now.