Friday, January 29, 2016

Teach Them To Be Entrepreneurs

Do you have older children or young adults?  Maybe even a daughter (or son) as young as age 7 or even in college?  Maybe you are a seasoned woman looking to retire or supplement your income?  Well, it is never too early (or too late) to learn foundation building business skills that will carry them (and you) trough life.  And possibly even build them an empire they can use through adulthood! 

How, you ask? 

Well, one such family with two young girls (junior high and early high school) has done just that by having the Mom join my Jamberry team, but letting her girls do the bookings, presentations, demonstrations, sales, orders and even recruiting!  Mom is there every step of the way, hosting the parties at her house; inviting the girls sports teams, club and school friends, church and social circle ladies and even meet the neighbors.  Fun Mom and Daughter parties, and get this...they only do them once a month in her house.  She likes to book a Saturday early in the month and do two or three back to back parties (each 2 hour time slots) so that the girls are tied up one weekend and only have to do followup and recruiting the rest of the month! 

Lucrative Commission and Bonuses - Paid every Friday

And guess what? 

They are KILLING IT just out of the box.  Actually, they have easily met Jamberry's fun Fast Start Goals and are bringing a few friends along with them to learn these amazing life skills.  Plus, the girls have set a fun vacation goal with the money they are earning.  It is super fun to watch them learn and grow together, and I love helping them along the way! 

Fun 'Fast Start' Goals to help you get up and running successfully.

So, do you have a daughter that would like something fun and easy to sell while earning her own money, learning business sense, building an empire and growing into a beautiful young woman?  If so, ask me more about joining my Jamberry team.  It is fun and easy, and there is an entire network of women here to help you and your girls reach your goal!  Plus, a super helpful Facebook team that you can be a part of to help with parties, games and more!

Generous Hostess Rewards for your own parties and your hostesses parties
PS - It doesn't hurt that these are super fun, sassy and pretty nail rocket science needed!

Just two of over 300 designs to choose from
PSS - We are coming upon a really exciting two months with Jamberry in February and March, so now is a great time to join and get your Launch parties going (with some help, of coarse).

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Aloe Vera

So, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have dealt with horrible skin rashes off and on for years.  They first appeared with my first pregnancy, then disappeared after about 3 months.  Then they came back during my second pregnancy (more severe this time) and lasted about a year.  This last bout began with my third pregnancy, has covered most of my body at one time or another, has been AWFUL and is going on two and a half years now.  The rashes recently got a lot worse; after having gotten a lot better, yet never having fully disappeared during the 'better' stage.  I have used Essential Oils (which have worked in every area of my life except these rashes), I have done colon cleanses, anti-histamine diet, candida cleanse and diet, liver/gallbladder cleanses, parasite cleanse, allergy testing and avoidance, and the beginning of heavy metal detoxing.  The best response I got was from the combined candida diet and anti-histamine diet, but with only eating vegetables and meat (no fruit or carbs) I began rapidly losing weight...not good, I am already small.  So I was only able to sustain that diet for 4 months.  Where am I going with all of this?  Well, we are still searching for answers and trying to get to the 'root' cause, but I found something that is helping; tremendously!!!!


We have a very large Aloe Vera plant that lives in our back yard.  His name is Hercules.  Yes, we name our plants ;)  Down here in the south we have not really had a winter this year, so Hercules is just happy as can be living outside, but about 5 nights ago we were going to have weather in the 30's, so we decided to bring Hercules inside; he like the heat, cold, not-so-much!  Anyway, after we brought him in I said, "Why am I not putting Hercules' aloe gel on these rashes?  It can't hurt, and just might help.  Hello!

That night I began putting his gel on my lower legs and arms every night and morning, and WOW!  Seriously, these rashes are almost gone!  The itching that has been living below my skin is still there, so I am still scratching, but the actual skin is healing.  Fast!  And the itching is slowing diminishing.  After only 5 days!  I have been fighting this for over 2-years, so this a HUGE PRAISE THE LORD.  I am praying that these rashes go completely away, along with the itching, scratching, burning and root cause.  Pray with me, and thank God for creating Aloe Vera. 

Have skin issues?   Get yourself an aloe plant and see if it just might help.  You never know!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Back to School

We had a wonderful, and loooooong, winter break over here; and I must admit that I really enjoyed it.  With the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's) and family we had so much fun.  Plus, it was also my youngest's 2nd birthday, so celebrations all around.

As we geared up and got ready for school this morning I thought I had all my ducks in a row and was going to be out the door and onto campus with time to spare.  Ummmm?  NOPE!  Although we were all showered, dressed, fed and had our gear together (lunches, backpacks, projects...) we forgot one major item...a car seat full of baking soda to clean up a potty training accident from late last night.  Oops!

So there we were, car loaded, people piling in, ready to roll...wait?  Where is Selah's seat?  We can't go without her strapped in.  Right?!?!  I remember!  I need to go vacuum it out and put everything back together.

15 minutes later we finally rolled out of the house just to get to our school campus late.  So that is how our first day back went.

On the up side, we got to make our own egg/chalk paint, create the layers of the earth with modeling clay and do jumping jacks during class.  So overall it was a win!!!

How was your break and return back to your regular routine?  Leave comments below to share your stories with us!

Love being TWO!

My 2 Year Old Birthday Jams.

Egg/Chalk Paint

Creating My Masterpiece