Wednesday, September 30, 2015

And Then You Discover Allergies!

If you have been with me very long you know that I am all about health, non-toxic, all natural, organic, chemical-free home...and on and on!  Actually, this lifestyle seems to be the current fad, but I was a 'crunchy Momma' way before it was cool.  I received the blank stares and was called crazy behind my back (or in front of my face), but today...this is a 'cool' and 'mainstream' lifestyle!  Go I don't have to look so hard to find what I need and what is good for my family!

Did you know that some of the best products can still cause you problems?  That is a lesson I have been learning.  Yes, I already knew this, but more recently I have had to take a step back and reevaluate what products I am putting on my skin (the largest organ of your body) to make sure that I am doing what is best for me.  Why?  If what I am using is so non-toxic and natural and wonderful for me then why reevaluate?  One word....Allergies!?!?!?!?!?

My skin and I have been in a battle toward health.  With each of my pregnancies I have broken out into a skin rash (the immune system can change during pregnancy and reveal dormant underlying conditions; like allergies).  My first pregnancy the rash was only on one body part and lasted about 3 months.  With my second pregnancy the rash was on my right hand and looked like a flesh eating disease!!!  That rash lasted 1-year.  With my third, and most recent, pregnancy the rash has been all over my body and we are going on a 2-year battle now.  It is considerably better now than it was, and hardly noticeable to the random onlooker, but I still itch and scratch.  Per my natural doctors orders I have competed several colon cleanses, an amazing candida and anti fungal diet, an anti-histamine diet, and several liver and gallbladder flushes.  All of these really helped a TON in the healing process and took me from feeling terribly ill and having horribly itchy rashes everywhere to feeling really great and having a few lightly itchy rashes.  So, the next step was allergy testing.  My results were interesting considering that the items that I came back allergic to are items that I eat weekly, if not daily.

Also, these items are not only in my diet, but in most of my vegan and all natural skin care products (shampoo, face wash, soap, lotion and makeup!).  Yikes!!  I need something natural, so the search was on.  I was able to keep my toothpaste, soap, face wash and face moisturizer (all Young Living products) but had to change my shampoo, lotion and makeup.  The shampoo and lotions were also Young Living and I highly recommend them if you are not allergic to the ingredients.

What was I allergic to that made me make a change?
  1. Honey
  2. Coffee
  3. White Rice
  4. Aluminum - this one is in the water - YIKES!  So consider a water shower filter, drinking water filter...
  5. Thyme
  6. Grape Seed Oil
  7. Annatto
  8. Nectarine
In the vegan, organic, all-natural world of makeup Thyme, Coffee, Rice and Grape Seed Oil is EVERYWHERE!!!!  And sometimes annatto, nectarine and aluminum (avoid aluminum at all cost anyway...this stuff is crazy!)

So the search was on!!!!  I found a great shampoo and conditioner at my local health food store, and switched to simple oils (like almond and jojoba oil) for my 'lotion' on my legs and body.

But the makeup, OH...the makeup!  Yikes!!!  This was a more difficult task.  I had been using a makeup that had AMAZINGLY simple and wonderful ingredients, but thyme and rice were in everything, and coffee was often used as a coloring agent!  Boo for me :(

I searched and searched.  Many of the organic, vegan, all natural and organic makeups had the thyme and rice.  And the ones that didn't have my allergen concerns were EXPENSIVE!  But finally, I stumbled across Ecco Bella.  As far as the makeup line ingredients go (not the skin care, body care or other washes and moisturizers...they have some of my allergen concerns), they are a thumbs up!  As a plus, Ecco Bella's products are gluten-free and dairy-free too!!!

So, I have placed an order and as soon as it arrives I will try it out, take pictures and do a review for you!  I have also become an affiliate where you can order through my link!  The cost is the same for you no matter how you order, but ordering through my link in the green Ecco Bella banner below will help me out.  Woo Hoo!  

Try Ecco Bella Today!

Here are some images of what they offer!I used their free makeup consultation to help me with my colors! 



My Choices:

Cover Up (concealer): Beige
Liquid Foundation: Light Beige
Eye shadow: Deep Taupe
Powder Eye Liner: Eggplant
Lipstick: Tuscany Rose
Lip Gloss: Passion

Stay Tuned for unpacking the Ecco Bella Haul, pictures and review!  I hope this makeup works for me :)

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