Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing In The Rain

I wish I had some pictures of this, but I was so busy I didn't even think about getting my camera out. 

Wayne and I trimmed our bushes and pulled weeds on Sunday just before my Mom dropped off some mulch for our flower beds.  It was getting late and we were tired, so we decided to wait until Monday to lay the mulch down.  When Wayne got home from work on Monday it was sprinkling out (had been raining all day) and thought maybe we shouldn't lay the mulch, but I thought Mackenzie might enjoy playing in the rain and dirt.  Since it was only sprinkling and there was no thunder or lightning all 4 of us (that includes the baby in my belly) went outside for some fun.

Seriously, this was really, really fun.  Who knew that spreading mulch in the rain could be so much fun.  We were only using our hands, so no tools to worry about slipping on or anything dangerous like that.  Mackenzie had her bucket and aside from playing in the dirt some she mostly just held her bucket out and giggled uncontrollably as she tried to catch the rain. 

In the end we were all soaking wet and covered in mud, and actually had to hose down before going inside, but it sure was fun.  Plus, the yard looks WAY BETTER!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Monkey

Sometimes I wonder if Mackenzie is part monkey.  OK, not really, but recently she has taken to climbing.  Most of her friends started climbing a long time ago...maybe even a year ago, but not Mackenzie.  Within the past 2 months she has begun to climb EVERYTHING.  She now gets up and stands on all of our kitchen chairs, bar stools, her rocker, the sofa and anything else she wants.  So all day long I am taking her down to which she responds by throwing a 45 minute tantrum then goes right back and does it again.  Ugg. 

Not only that, but she REFUSES to walk anywhere.  She must be carried.  Even to go to the potty.  Well, guess what?  Mommy is pregnant and only getting bigger, so carrying around a 36-pound 2-year old is out of the question.  What does that mean for potty training?  Cloth diapers all day long and tricking her into sitting on the potty when we happen to be near the bathroom. 

Also, if it is not hers she wants it.  She has broken so many things lately.  I think I am going to have to take everything off the walls in her room because she is so tall that she gets up on her rocker and takes them down herself; then breaks them. 

Oh, and get this.  If she is done eating all the food and drink get THROWN onto the floor.  Not even Mommy reflexes are fast enough to catch that mess in thin air.  And, if some of the food or drink is in her guessed it...she spits it out wherever she stands; usually waiting until she is standing on our carpet. 

No, I'm really not trying to complain, but this is what you have to look forward to if you haven't had a 2-year old yet.  What really amazes me is how much you can still love and cherish someone or something that is acting like they don't like you most of the time.  No, it is not all bad, and somehow I am pretty patient through it all and just try to love and talk her through what is going on.  When she wants to be sweet she is really sweet and gives out tons of kisses and hugs.  The thing is she wants to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, and no one else is going to tell her otherwise.  I will be happy when this stage is over and we can go out in public again. 

So, any tips you have for the Terrible Two's just let me hear them.  I will try just about anything (that's not harmful) at this point.  Any good tips on how to start a time out routine?  We may be trying that next.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Accidents Happen

Last Friday I was involved in an auto accident.  My Mom, Mackenzie and I went out for lunch (which we never get to do) and really enjoyed ourselves; that is until on the way home.  I was driving and we were involved in an accident that was not my fault.  The other person attempted an illegal maneuver and it didn't go over so well.  Everyone seemed to be OK, but you never really know; especially with adrenaline flowing. 

All I know is that after the police came I went to be checked out by the midwife and after starting to have contractions that escalated and soreness in the belly area I went for an ultrasound.  Although these appointments are not conclusive everything "looks" to be alright, and by the Grace Of God we are claiming that everything is alright.  Now we are dealing with the insurance to get the car fixed.  I also hope they replace the car seat for peace of mind.  Hey, a 36 pound 2-year-old was riding in it during the impact.

Things like this remind me of the frailty of life, and truly make me cherish my family and friends.  So please, no one else get in a car accident, ok?  Good, I'm glad you comply :)

The World Is My Playground

Recently Mackenzie has discovered that the world is her playground.  Sometimes this is a wonderful thing as she explores her surroundings and learns new things, but other times...this is not so good.

Neither Wayne nor I (not even both of us together) can take Mackenzie out if we need to get something accomplished.  Something as simple as grocery shopping turns into a 3-ring-circus.  When we get to the store we try to put her in the shopping cart, to which she thrashes, screams, kicks and bites causing a real scene until we get her down (that is if we were able to get her into the cart in the first place). 

If we do let her walk she insists on pushing the cart and we are not allowed to touch the cart.  SERIOUSLY?  Yes.  If we touch the cart then she throws herself on the floor kicking and screaming this really high pitched scream.  So why not just let her scream and get it out of her system?  Because she will continue to do so for about 30-45 minutes, no matter what we do.

OK, so just let her push the cart herself.  Sure, and run into every person and display in the vicinity and what should have been a 30 minute trip to the store is now a 2.5 hour trip to the store.  Complete with customers and employees asking if she is alright. 

The last 5 times we attempted to go anywhere, HEB grocery shopping, Walmart for a quick exchange, Kohls for a quick purchase, Target for diapers have all ended in either myself of Wayne carrying her out of the store kicking and screaming with no end in site.  Oh, and have you ever seen a 6-month pregnant woman carrying a 36 pound screaming 2-year old?  Not a pretty site.

So where we use to be able to go to the mall to walk around (another nightmare these days), or go to Hobby Lobby or Target to just get out of the house...nope, not any more.  So we are stuck inside almost all day because it is too hot for the park or a walk around the block or it is raining.  The only safe place is La Centerra in the evenings, or somewhere we have to pay for that is kid friendly.  We don't spend extra money, so the kid friendly thing is out.  What are we suppose to do all day, every day?  I sure hope this phase ends soon!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Why I Should Always Wear My Hair Up

I wore my hair in a French Braid the other day, for the first time in years.  It was amazingly freeing.  If you haven't seen my hair lately it is about half way down my back and very unruly and curly and not very manageable.  The contraption I use to use to keep my hair straight on a daily basis (a wand/brush type blow dryer) broke after about 8-years of use when I was pregnant with Mackenzie.  Needless to say they don't make those anymore due to the new and awesome Falt Irons and Chi's on the market.  Since I don't have the money to spend on a fancy Chi or Flat Iron I wear my hair all natural - Ugg.  I did purchase a cheap flat iron once in an attempt to get my hair that beautiful straight look again, but after only 2-weeks it broke.  My hair was just too much for it :(

Anyway, back to the french braid.  It was awesome.  It looked good all day and I didn't have to keep pulling it back or pushing it out of the way.  And best yet...Mackenzie couldn't grab it and pull out HAND FULLS of hair - since that is one of her favorite things to do.  So you may catch me sporting this new look every once in a while until I can finally afford that thing that makes my hair silky smooth.

Why Do Mom's Get Sick?

Warning: If you don't like gross then don't read this post.

I truly believe that Mom's should be completely exempt from getting sick; ever.  How can a mom be a mom when she is sick?  She can't cook, can't clean, can't go anywhere, can't hold and take care of and play with her sweet child(ren) or hubby.  And you know what is even worse that a mom being sick?  That's right, a pregnant mom being sick that is trying to take care of a 2-year old that is also sick.  And not just a head cold either, but this nasty tummy virus that makes mom feel AWFUL and has her running to the bathroom all day.

Somehow my sweet 2-year old and I had the same tummy virus for the same 48-hours.  While it hit me like a freight train complete with not only the tummy issues but also with body aches, fatigue and the inability to eat or drink almost anything.  It didn't seem so bad for Mackenzie.  She had the most awful diarrhea and vomiting I have ever seen or smelled in my life, and I had to take care of that all day while I was sick; but it didn't seem to knock her down.  She was still giggling and running around like a 2-year old.  Her only difference is that she wouldn't eat anything (good thing, too), but she did drink a lot of Pedialyte.  Needless to say, when all was said and done, we had to rent a carpet cleaning machine and clean our carpets after this whole episode was complete. 

Virus gone - check
Feeling better -check
Carpets clean - check
Now I just need to clean the house after 2-days of getting nothing done and wipe everything down with Thieves Cleaner.

I must say that I am very happy that this is only Mackenzie's 2nd time in her 2-years and 4-monhts of life that she has ever thrown up or had a tummy virus.  I am also happy that we are a pretty healthy family and almost never get sick.  Praise the Lord.