Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogging At Last

Sorry I have not been on here in quite some time.  Our home computer has been having great issues, and suddenly today it decided to work, so here I am.

A lot has been going on, but I'm not sure I can remember everything or put it into words. 

First, my Mom got married!!!!  It was really exciting and wonderful and I am so happy for her; and us for getting such a great guy added to the family.

Second, my Mom is moving, so we have been crazy over here doing some furniture swapping and stuff like that.  Yay and Ugg all at the same time.

Third, Mackenzie now wants say her prayers out loud instead of me or Daddy saying them.  All of her prayers consist of the following phrase with other 'stuff' mixed in, "Dear God please heal (insert word here) and make him/it/her all better.  In Jesus Name, Amen."  So if we are praying for dinner she asks God to heal her food - very funny some of the things she says.

Mackenzie has also become quite the sports buff.  Baseball or T-ball being her favorite and soccer second, football third.  She wants to play all of them.

Another new thing for Mackenzie is that she now likes to sing.  About two weeks ago she started singing the Veggie Tales theme song, only her version is a little different; along with her versions of the Alphabet song (all letters are in the correct order she just changed the ending) and her version of Old McDonald.  She still prefers for me to sing all of the "Jesus Song".

My heart melted the other day when she looked at me while taking a bath and said out of the blue, "Mommy, you love Jesus?"  When I answered yes she said she loved Jesus too.

She asks to see most of her extended family every day; asking for each one by name.  It is hard to believe how many names she remembers in our family!

Oh, and now that we are setting up the nursery she has the big full/standard size bed.  The day we put it in her room (her crib converted to this large size) she said, "Mommy, I love to sleep all the time now."  If I had known that I would have put her in it the day she was born...ok, not really.  I must admit that bed is the most comfortable one in the house.

What other news?  Micah is getting bigger and more ready to meet everyone face to face.  You may remember that I was measuring 33.5cm several weeks ago (which was HUGE for where I was in the pregnancy).  Well, I'm shrinking...not really; Micah is just dropping and getting settled lower.  My belly looks like it is down around my knees.   About 3 weeks ago I measured 31.5cm (exactly on track), and this Saturday I measured 29cm which was 3cm smaller.  Thank you Micah for making me measure smaller...even though I am still gaining weight.  He is VERY BUSY in there practicing soccer or some other sport.  And every time I listen to Praise Music he stretches out as far as he can and kicks around.  We start them young in the Sherwood household.

I don't know what else to write, so blog at you later.