Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Guillain-Barre' Syndrome

One question I get a lot is, "How did you get started with essential oils?" 

Well, there is an entire backstory on this, including being skeptical about these 'snake-oils', but in the long run the oils won me over and today my family can't get enough of them. 

At the age of 19 I had one of the worst cases of Guillain-Barre' Syndrome (GBS) that my neurological team had ever seen, so it is a miracle that I not only survived this fairly rare syndrome, but am fully healed today.  Actually, I should have died before I was even properly diagnosed.  Never heard of Guillain-Barre'?  Google it and find out for yourself.  If the symptom is listed I had it (except death; I am still alive today), and had it severely.  During that life-threatening (and life-altering) event, I made up my mind that prescription drugs, over the counter medications and toxin filled household chemicals would not be a normal part of my life anymore.  Sure, I would still go to the doctor and seek medical advice, and even take medications (when the need arose) but no more semi-regular usage of these things. 

So, now what?  Where could I turn?  What could I use?  Would my life now become filled with pain and illness along with a dirty house because of this shift in my thinking? 

No!  Not at all. 

Actually, it took a while for Young Living Essential Oils to find me (through a friend that shared their amazing health benefits).  I was skeptical, but couldn't deny that the first several times I used them, they worked.  And they worked fast!  They did what they were suppose to do.  Not only that, but they worked amazingly well against the horrific sensations that (even years later) GBS left me fighting against.  Even after all of these positive experiences I still did not jump on the Young Living Oil train yet.  Nope.  Not yet.

So, what changed? 

My husband and I were expecting our first child.  *GASP*  It took another little life, a baby to make me take a closer look at the oils.  After all, I was no longer using over the counter solutions for my household, so I needed to use something safe and natural as a first line of defense.  I needed something I could use on this precious, new life growing inside me.  Something that was non-toxic, safe and maybe even ordained by God.  This is when my study and research of the oils really began (over a year after I had been introduced to them).  I studied, went to home parties, read books, looked in the Bible, prayed and tested the oils out even more than I had already experienced them.  Then, 3 months before my first baby was born, my mom gifted me with a Young Living Starter Kit and Membership.  I dove in head first, and now, more than 7 years later, my family of 5 uses Young Living Oils and oil infused products every single day!  We are healthy, happy and strong moving toward a life of abundance. 

Now I look forward to 'sharing the health' with you and your family too.  You don't have to be sick to enjoy Young Living; I find these products to be great building blocks in our every day life (just like faith, diet and exercise). 

As for abundance, you can also use Young Living as a small side business or as a total life and career change.  Become part of my Young Living team today an sign up here.  When you do, e-mail me for more information on the compensation plan.  Remember, sign just up 3 people under you with one of the Premium Starter Kits during your first month and your commission will cover your start up fee!  Sounds like free oils to me! 

So this is a short and sweet version of how Young Living Oils have become a daily part of my life.  Comment below on how you discovered Young Living.  Are you using them today?  What do you love about them?  If you are not using them, what are you waiting for? 

If you are looking for amazing essential oil results you must use Young Living Essential Oils.  For more about Young Living's promise to quality and purity visit 

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