Friday, January 21, 2011


Last night before bed, while sitting on the sofa this was our family conversation:

Mackenzie: "You like her!"
Me: "Who likes who, Baby Girl?"
Mackenzie: "Daddy, you like Mommy?"
Daddy: "Yes, I like Mommy."
Mackenzie: "Hooray, you like her!  Mommy, you like Daddy."
Me: "Yes, I like Daddy."
Mackenzie: "Hooray, you like each other...hooray."

Nursing Moms

You nursing Moms will like this, non-nursing may not want to read :)

As most of you know I nursed Mackenzie for around 16-months and the first 7ish months of that was exclusive.  I am doing the same thing with Micah (only he will determine the total length just like Mackenzie did for herself).

Well Mackenzie loves to hold Micah and help in any way she can.  She really LOVES her baby brother.  The other day while I was feeding Micah she came up and sat next to me and said, "Mommy, I need to hold Micah and feed him milk from my booby."  I told her thank you for trying to help, but that she does not have milk ~puzzled look followed~ then explained that she won't have milk until she has babies of her own.  "OK," she said and ran off to play!

Your what hurts?

This past week Mackenzie would hear me say that my throat hurt, so on Tuesday (and ever since) she said that her throat hurt. I was scared she was getting sick so I asked her to point to it for me. She pointed to her knee and said, "My throat hurts in my knee." Ohhh! Sweet girl, now if she stubs her toe or knocks her elbow her 'throat' hurts in that spot. Kids are so funny!

The Princess and the ...


Mackenzie: "Mommy, you're a princess."
Me: "I'm a princess?!"
Mackenzie: "You're not a princess, you're a frog."

Thanks, I was downgraded very fast...oh, and we don't even have the book or movie about the princess and the frog!