Friday, October 12, 2012

Vote For Me!

No, I'm not running for President of the United States, but I have entered a fully raw recipe competition!  So, if you have facebook, go vote for me! 

I have submitted two recipes:

1. Datebutter Sandwich - my take on a fully raw peanut butter & jelly sandwich with apples for the 'bread'.  My daughter and I had this for lunch today and ate it all before I realized it was my own raw recipe and I should submit it to the competition!  So no true picture...just some ingredients.

2. Orange Delight Smoothie - my raw take on the old orange Julius drink.  If you don't like dates (thus don't like my first recipe) you can leave them out of this recipe and vote.  Again, at snack my kiddos and I had a variation of this drink and slurped it down before realizing I had two recipes I could submit...we put cilantro and Swiss chard in our snack version today (turning it into a green drink), and it was GREAT!  So sorry, another makeshift photo.

Winner(s) get a Vitamix Blender or Fully Raw Cookbook or Recipe Featured Video.  I really want the blender or cook book, so please vote for me.  And if you are really inspired go submit a recipe of your own!

Check them out and share the word: Click Here

Now Go Vote!