Friday, February 27, 2009

Bust-A-Move; or a Lip

That's right, Mackenzie got her first busted lip today...only 5 days away from her first birthday. It was really sad :(

I was getting ready to go to lunch with Wayne (thanks to a gift certificate from his parents) while Mackenzie's Grammy was coming over to watch her. I went into the laundry room to get my shirt that was hanging up and my baby-on-the-move followed me in there. The floor had a slippery spot and WOOSH, her arms came out from under her and her face hit the hard floor. I didn't hear the face plant, so when I turned around to see her crying so loud that no noise was coming out yet, I was hoping she was just scared and not really hurt. I quickly picked her up to give her kisses and console her when I saw it...BLOOD coming out of her mouth. Then I started crying. We went to her room and rocked in her glider until she calmed down. I then went to get a cold washcloth to wipe away the blood an survey the damage. Thank God that it was just a tiny little cut inside her upper lip, and everything else looked good.

Poor thing. She was so upset, and not to mention it was milk and nap time. So I fed her and off to dream land she went. Just minutes after I laid her down in her crib Grammy showed up.

The first (and hopefully the last) busted lip.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Learning All The Time

You really never know how much your children are learning or observing until they prove to you that they WERE LISTENING. Even as young as 10 or 11 months old. Mackenzie has been talking for several months now, but the following proves amazing to me...even if other children her age are doing these things they still amaze me.

In the past few weeks Mackenzie has stepped up her vocabulary quite a bit. She does confuse a few things though. For example, she calls all birds "Duct" (translated duck). So she thinks all birds are ducks. We were standing in our back yard when a dove landed on the power lines. Mackenzie pointed at the bird and yelled "duct".

Not only has her simple one word vocabulary increased, but she is using sentences all the time. She says things like, "Let me do it", "You do it", "I want some", "Can I have it", etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

But the part that amazes me the most is her identification skills. She knows what things are. Case in point: Daddy was talking about cheese and how much Mackenzie likes cheese. Mistakenly he was holding her and she started saying, "Cheese, cheese. I want some. Cheese." Needless to say we had to get some cheese out and give it to her.

Just about a week ago I decided to see how much Mackenzie really is absorbing, so I took out four of her favorite books and randomly opened to a page. I pointed to a picture and asked her what it was. She answered correctly "Fish". The I kept turning pages and she would answer "Doggie" or "Duck" or "Shoe". And she was CORRECT on all occasions. OK, I understood that this could be possible because she had already been using these words for a few months. Then I started wondering what else can she identify. So I started asking her to show me items that I knew she was unable to enunciate. I would say, "Can you show me the balloon?", "How about the baby?", "Where is the flower." And again she correctly pointed out the pictures. Very cool to know that your 11 month old really does understand EVERYTHING. Of coarse, this means we must be careful what is on the television or what we are saying (we already are, but even more so).

I am sure every 10 and 11 month old is doing the same thing (even if they don't say it out loud they are saying it in their mind; you know, the strong silent types), but it still blows me away.

Now I suppose we just need to get her walking...although I am not in a hurry for her first steps. :) But her friend Sawyer did take his first steps yesterday, and he is only 9 months old. Now that really is AMAZING.

Showering Fun

So yesterday was a day for showers, and I don't mean the kind that keep you clean. Baby shower and wedding shower...only, I missed the wedding shower. Sorry Kelly. I hope it was awesome. I hear it matched your black and pink theme. When you have time you must tell me all about it and I hope you took some pictures. :)

I was part of throwing a baby shower for my friend Kelly and baby boy #2 that we will call Hudson (because that is his name). It was really a baby blessing more than a shower. We ate and prayed/blessed Kelly and her expanding family. Very Awesome, and I know that God will richly bless this family and their new addition.

Due to some unforeseen (or maybe foreseen) remodeling of the original Host Home the shower was moved last minute. I am not sure if that caused some of the cancellations, but I am sure that even though it was a small group it was a wonderful shower.

Oh, and Sawyer took his first steps while we were there! How fun is that?

I will post pictures once I have some time to upload them.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Many of you may or may not know this, but I LOVE to have a vegetable garden. I am by no means very good at this type of gardening, as my plants don't seem to ever produce much fruit (except the cucumbers and cherry tomatoes), but the fruit they do produce always tastes WONDERFUL.

I have not had my garden in two years and have decided to have one this year. I am soooo excited. I already have various seeds in the ground and 6 tomato plants planted. Now I am just waiting to finish off our other garden bed with dirt, peppers, squash and zucchini.

This year I am doing things differently than in years past. I am planning and researching. A LOT of research. I have studied the various plants I am wanting to grow (light, water, soil type, how to stake or not stake the plant, harvesting...). I have also done research on how to get rid of pests in the garden without using chemicals that are so bad for us. And considering I have a baby I do not want to be using harmful chemicals anyway.

I have learned that planting marigolds in with the garden keeps certain pests away; like the dreaded tomato horn caterpillar. I have also discovered that having petunias, geranium and the like near the garden attract ladybugs that eat the pest and bees that help pollinate. Oh, and the dreaded bird. Well, simply having a birdbath with clean water nearby keeps the birds off the veggies. Who knew? Now I just need to figure out a way to buy marigolds, a hanging basket of petunias, a hanging basket of geraniums and a birdbath.

Oh, and this year I am adding tons of prayer to my garden. Afterall, God created all of these things in the first place. He is the best 'gardener' I know.

As my garden takes shape and begins to produce I will post pictures.