Monday, October 25, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts and pictures lately.  We have been having MAJOR computer problems.  Our main computer will not get online, and that is the computer with EVERYTHING on it.  To get online I have to use Wayne's very old former work laptop that pretty much does nothing.  I am hoping to be able to get some pics up on this post just to make up for lost time.

In other news.  I am 38 weeks along in my pregnancy today, and am very excited to have made it this far.  I started having real contractions for about 24 hours at 34 weeks and again for about 8 hours at 35 weeks, so was placed on 'restricted duties' to quell those and keep the baby in as long as possible.  Well, now that we are at 38 weeks we are very happy and he can stay in or be born any time he wants!  For those of you that crave statistics, my Midwife checked me at our home visit on Saturday and I was 6cm dilated, 80% effaced and Micah was at a station +2; oh, and I have gained right around 40 pounds!  All of that is good news; except maybe for the 40 pounds.  I hope that comes off really fast.

As for Mackenzie...well, she has a new passion.  Yup, running around completely in the nude.  Putting clothing on her just to go to church or run an errand has become quite the wrestling match, and when we do finally get clothing on her she begins stripping down as quickly as possible.  The past few days have been a bit better because we have gone out and had visitors, so she HAD to wear clothes.  The really funny thing is that she loves clothes and picks them out and tells us what is pretty about them; she just doesn't want to wear them.  Hopefully this is a short stage.

Also, three of my very close friends (and play date partners in crime) threw me a very awesome and intimate blessing on Saturday.  It consisted of 8 people (Me, my 3 friends, my mom, my sister and 2 aunts).  They prayed over Micah and I, and each spoke specific blessings over us - well, mostly of Micah, but us.  As they said their blessing they each picked a glass bead and strung together a beautiful blessing bracelet for the birth and after.  All the details of the blessing were so thoughtful, and one of my friends actually made a wreath out of coffee filters...don't ask me how she did it, but it turned out really cute.  If you come over after Micah is born you will see it hanging on our front door.

I suppose that is enough trying to upload some pics.

Oops, still having tech difficulty.  Will have to wait a little bit on the pics.