Thursday, December 2, 2010

Final Midwife Visit

Updates from my final midwife visit.

1: I still have 13.5 pounds to lose
2: Everything looks great for both me and Micah
3: Micah weighs 11 pounds, 11 ounces and is about 23 inches long
(that means he has gained about 4 pounds and grown 3 inches in just over 5 weeks)

Mackenzie Milestones

Mackenzie has met some major milestones lately.  Actually, they were all met before Micah was born, but I wanted to make sure they stuck before posting.

Jumping with both feet off the floor
No more bottles
Staying dry all night

That first milestone was a big one!  We had trouble getting Mackenzie to even attempt to jump, and when sh would neither of her feet left the ground.  The doctors said it was because she was so tall at such a young age, but they really wanted her to pass this milestone.  One day I checked out the Disney movie Jump In from the library.  This is a double dutch movie, and Mackenzie LOVED it.  Before we knew it she was pretending to jump rope and you guessed it...both of her feet left the ground.  Now she jumps all the time :)

The second milestone was another BIG one for our household.  I know we should have stopped the bottle a year ago, but since she nursed and was not bottle fed she actually didn't start the bottle until she was about a year old (maybe older), and when she did start the bottle she fell in love with it and milk.  We went through this whole thing where she wouldn't drink milk from anything other than a bottle, and she would only use the bottle to drink milk.  Also, she went through like a gallon of milk every 2-3 days!  No matter what we tried we simply could not wean her.  Once her reasoning skills grew stronger I began telling her that when her bottle broke we were not going to replace it.  Broke?  Yes, broke.  She had this habit of chewing through the nipples, so we were always replacing them.  She was finally down to one last nipple and when that was gone we would not buy more.  Guess what?  It worked.  When she had chewed through I showed it to her and explained how it was broken.  She has not had a bottle since :)  Plus she only drinks milk once (maybe twice) a day out of her cup now.  Other side effects; she EATS LIKE A HORSE now.  That's OK by me :)

The third milestone I can't explain other than she is staying dry all night long.  I think part of it has to do with milestone number 2 and not drinking a gallon of milk every few days, and not waking up 3-4 times a night asking for milk in a bottle. 

Even though she stays dry all night she is still not potty trained.  I was told it is probably due to my pregnancy and now new baby.  OK, I will buy that for now.  Reason for not being potty trained?  She doesn't want to.  I would say she goes on the potty about half the time, but refuses to tell us when she needs to go.  I am sure this will change one least before she is married or starts dating or something.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here's looking at you, Kid

The other evening I was holding Micah in the over the shoulder burp position.  He was testing out his neck muscles, practicing focusing on objects and looking at my ear in a very adoringly way.  I was watching him do these things and talking to him softly when out of nowhere he focused in on my ear and shot it a HUGE, gummy smile!  A real smile with a soft cooing noise to follow!  My heart melted and of coarse I kept trying to get him to do it again.  Guess what?  A few minutes later he made eye contact with me and smiled at Mommy!  Then later he smiled at Daddy!  The next day, no smiles, but this morning he gave me one.  There is something so precious about a baby's smile :)

Running Away!

Good News: Mackenzie LOVES her little brother and wants to take care of him, kiss him, hold him and help when she can. 

Bad News: Mackenzie gets less one-on-one attention from me and notices (although she does not notice it is because of her brother - lol).

More Bad News: It takes me about 10 seconds longer than pre Micah to get to Mackenzie when she it doing something she is not suppose to do.  10 seconds is A LOT when dealing with a toddler.

Case in point.  The other day Mackenzie ran into her room and slammed the door behind her.  She loves to do that, but also knows that she can only be in her room alone if the door is open.  Why?  Because she climbs things or pulls on the blinds or other scary 'stuff'.  This time I was nursing Micah, so it took me about 10 seconds longer to get off the sofa and go open her door.  When I did get her door open she was STANDING on top of her dresser baning on her mirror.  Oh the horror and dismay that shot through my heart.  She could fall and break her neck or arm; she could smash the mirror and get all cut up; she could do both!  So, what did I do, I took her down and told her she could not climb on her dresser because it is dangerous.  I told her in the words that she uses that she could 'slip down' or 'be bleeding' that way she would fully understand.  Her response was, "I sorry Mommy."  To my relief she started playing with some other toys and I went back to nursing.  But just a few moments later I hear the door slam again and what did I find???  She was up on the dresser baning on the mirror, again!  So this time I take her down and make her come into the living room with me.  A full blown kicking and screaming tantrum ensues, and when she is done with that (about 45 minutes later) she tells me, "I going away!"  To which she then tried to go out the front door.  My heart sank :( want to run away because I am loving you and protecting you and you are only two and a half years old?  I pray this is the single moment in her life that she feels this way.