Saturday, October 10, 2009


What do you say when you drop something? What do you say when you sneeze? Well, Mackenzie has one word for both situations and it is a cross between Oops and Excuse Me; it is Oops-a-me'. So if you hear her say that she is saying oops, excuse me. :)

She also likes the following words or pharses now:

Ready, set, GO!
Hug (instead of hold me)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Only My Mother & I

This morning Mackenzie and I stopped by my mother's house to say 'hi' before running to the bank. On the way out to my car I noticed that my mom had her HUGE, old broken television sitting on her roller out next to the curb to be picked up and hauled away. I made a comment in passing that we should get the TV off of the roller before I leave, but she reminded me of how heavy that television was so we left it.

Mackenzie and I left for the bank, and when we left my mom's house it was a muggy 87* outside. On the way to the bank the wind really picked up and the temperature had dropped 10 degrees to 77*. By the time I was done at the bank and on my way home it was pouring down rain and the temperature had dropped another 10 degrees to just below 66*.

Well, wouldn't it just so happen that as I am driving past my mom's house I see her HUGE television flipped off the roller and into the middle of the road. So, what do we do; mom and I wrestle this extremely heavy television to the side of the road in the pouring rain and in 66* weather. By the time we are finally done I am completely soaked to the bone and shivering. Why do we get ourselves into the strangest situations?

At least we have a cold front :)