Monday, October 27, 2008

Yuckie :(

So, I was just boasting about how my 7 month old daughter has never been sick. Not even a sniffle...that is, until now!

My husband's Mom and Dad (Grammy & Granda) did some last minute babysitting for us on Saturday night so we could attend a wedding. The next morning when we were getting ready for church I noticed a rash on Mackenzie's arm. After further examination I could see that the rash was on her tummy, back, arms and neck...and just starting to move to her face. I thought, "Oh, no! She must be allergic to cats!" (Grammy & Granda have cats), but I decided not to panic and just wait things out until Monday when I could call the doctor.


Good news...NO CAT ALLERGY. At least not for now.

Bad news...she has Roseola. A baby virus. It can start with a high fever (which she never did have) then go to a mild to sever rash (not itchy, thank God). Only contagious before the fever and rash. Thank God she is at the end of this virus and has had a fairly mild case. She has been restless at night and has had to sleep with us(just when we got her sleeping in her own bed). I suppose she picked it up at the church nursery...makes since because Roseola has a 3-7 day incubation period. I pray this is her first and last virus for a LONG time.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just Getting Started

I have been enjoying some of the blogs my friends post and decided to get in on the fun. (See thier links on my site).

I am not a writer by any means, and some days I can't even find time to sit down at the computer, so this blog site is going to be more random than anything.

I have been a wife since March 2002 and a Mom since March 2008. I have found that throughout my life 'glamour' has changed. As a young, single woman I worked on my hair, makeup and clothing daily. As a married woman I worked on my hair, makeup and clothing as finances would allow. Now, as a new Mom...I work on my hair, makeup and clothing when I have to. I make sure my little girl is cute, but I can go out in public without a drop of makeup and spitup on my shirt. That is why you only see my hands in the picture to the left...but isn't Mackenzie cute? Oh how things change.