Friday, August 13, 2010

Goal, Score, Touchdown, Hallelujah

Goal, Score, Touchdown, Hallelujah! 

As you know I had my Glucose Tolerance Test with my midwife yesterday, and I PASSED with flying colors.  Not even close to the cut off.  I forgot the number she told me because I was so excited about not having to worry about that this time around; I can ask her the numbers at my next appointment.  My Iron also looked great, so no anemia and no additional supplements.  Just keep doing what I am doing. 

This is such a relief.

Midwife Check-Up

So I had my midwife check-up yesterday, and I can hardly believe how fast this is going.  Yes, I still have about 90 days (give or take a few) until Micah arrives, but it is already time to switch from once a month appointments to every other week appointments.  Time will really start to fly now!

My weight gain was good for me (at around 26 POUNDS!!!)
I was measuring 31.5cm which is over 3 cm big!!!

Cathy looked at my ultrasound photo's from after the fender bender and said that I have A LOT of amniotic fluid and extra space/room for this baby to move around.  No wonder I am so big and weigh so much.   My body likes to make sure baby has a pent house all to himself in there.  And I suppose that is why he is able to do such big movements and roll around ALL THE TIME. 

His heart rate was great as were his movements, and he was head down - love this.

I had my Glucose Tolerance Test which I am praying I pass with flying colors this time.  I FAILED BIG TIME with Mackenzie and had to watch my already very strict diet - ugg.  I decided to do the opposite test this time (there are 2 versions) to see if that would make a difference, so here is to passing with flying colors.

The next big things on my list are the Group Strep B Test (which I pray comes up negative); which was also positive with Mackenzie!  And my Home Visit.  If you could possibly end up at the birth of my baby you need to be at the home visit, so I will be contacting you about that, but it's not until late October.

Oh, and one more thing.  Cathy said that none of her clients have ever told her this before.  I told her that it use to be when I started eating that about 30 minutes later Micah would start to go crazy inside (about the time he would be getting the food); which is very normal.  But in the past week, Micah has begun to associate my chewing, swallowing and tummy churning sounds to the soon arriving food for him, and now he goes crazy when I first start eating.  Cathy said she thinks he is going to love his food :)

Dinner Conversation

This was part of our dinner conversation the other evening.

Mackenzie: "My tummy hurts."

Me: "Your tummy hurts?"

Mackenzie: "And my head hurts too."

Me: "Your tummy and your head hurts?"

Mackenzie: "The top of my forehead."

Me as I look at her forehead: "The top of your forehead hurts?"

Mackenzie sounding as if I don't get it: "The top of my mind!"

Wayne: "Are you thinking too hard?"