Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Season

So, we are coming up on the Holiday Season. I simply LOVE the Holidays.

First there is Wayne's Birthday...he turns 30.
Then we have Thanks Giving.
After that is Christmas.
And to top it all off is New Years; 2009 already. Yikes.

Oh, and we can't forget Mackenzie's 1st birthday in early March. Wow, I feel busy already!

I am especially excited about this year because it is Mackenzie's first everything. Sure, she was growing inside me last year and could 'hear' everything, but this year we get to see her reaction to all the family, friends, lights and colors. Decorating for Christmas should be fun with an 8-month old (she will be almost 9-monhts when we decorate). I have really enjoyed reliving my childhood through her, and I know this will be really special. Wayne and I are trying to think of a new tradition to start for Christmas now that we have our little girl. We already read the Christmas Story from the Bible and Pray first thing in the morning on Christmas Day, but we want to do more, so if you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment. We want Mackenzie to KNOW the ture meaning of Christmas in action (as I am sure she will).

Not only that, but Mackenzie went to a wedding this past weekend. She did really well, and even got to dance with Mommy & Daddy on the dance floor. How sweet! I think she had fun. Especially with Auntie Laura :) (pictures to follow shortly)

Another big thing --- Mackenzie has been working really hard on cutting her top two teeth. I think she may have them by Thanks Giving, but if not I am SURE she will have them for Christmas. I suppose we should be singng that song, "All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth." When they come in that will increase her tooth count to 4 with #5 and #6 close to follow.

Keep in tune for the follow up post to each of the above mentioned events with pictures!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We are SLEEPING! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that Mackenzie no longer has the Roseola Rash (or maybe 5th's disease instead). She is back on her sleeping schedule. I am so happy.

Mackenzie goes to bed around 8:00 every evening, stirs around 10:30 to eat (before I go to bed). Stirs again around 12:30 to eat and then around 3:30 to eat (so only twice during my night's sleep). Then Wayne goes and gets her out of her crib around 6:00 in the morning and brings her to bed with us...that buys us another hour of sleep before we start the day. The great part is that she stirs to eat, she does not actually wake up (unless I don't go feed her), so when she is done eating she just lies back down and sleeps. No crying or difficulty trying to get her back down.

Now to some of you this may seem like a lot of waking up, but to me this is GREAT. Remember, she woke up every 45-minutes to 2-hours all night long until just before 7-months of age. That was 7 or more times a night...yuck.

Anyway, I am enjoying my SLEEP, and am excited about her cutting out 1 or 2 more stirrings in the night :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, I feel I should write something on here to keep everyone informed. Except that I don't think anyone reads this other than me. I must be keeping myself informed.

First, I must say that I feel like I have the world's best baby. She is happy and sweet and fun. But lately, she has been cranky, and she refuses to sleep. Even when Mackenzie is cranky she is happier that a lot of babies, so please don't think I am complaining; I am just confused. Every time we seem to get into a 'routine' she decides to get out of the 'routine'.

Almost 3 weeks ago Mackenzie began nursing only twice at night. 2 weeks ago she decided she was ready to sleep in her own bed. So amazingly, for about 4 nights I had a baby that slept in her own bed and only woke up twice to eat. It was soooooo nice (while it lasted).

Then she came down with this Roseola virus and has been refusing to sleep in her own bed. Then if that didn't mess up our routine enough she has stepped up her teething by 200% and wakes up 5-7 times at night. So for now she is back in our bed after I walk across the house to soothe her for the third time. I like having her with me anyway, but after a taste of what it is like with her in her own bed only waking up twice I am definitely looking forward to that again. Soon I hope.

Oh, and did I mention that she will NOT take a nap during the day unless I drive her in the car? This started about 5 days ago. Will this house ever see sleep again? I bet we will!