Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How To: Use Essential Oils

In previous posts we have discussed how important it is to use only 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  (For more on that read here)   I only use Young Living Essential Oils

Now that you have the right oils you need to know how to use them.  I have compiled graphics containing the most common ways to use Young Living Essential Oils.  Here - We - Go!

Smell is the easiest way to use essential oils, and it is the best way to begin using the oils if you have had no prior exposure.  The oils can be smelled directly from the bottle, worn as a perfume, diffused or even added to special jewelry (like Sacred Arrow Jewelry).  When inhaled, the oils immediately stimulate the olfactory senses and can pass through the blood-brain barrier.  To enhance the usage of an oil, always smell it prior to using it any other way.

I absolutely love putting oils on the bottom of the feet.  This is a great way to apply the oils to a child/baby, or to use an oil that you don't care for the scent.  The feet are the last sensitive area of the body, and also contain the largest pores of the skin.  The feet absorb the oils very quickly into the body and pass the amazing properties through to the entire person.  Good for a general whole well-being effect.

I often use the spine method in conjunction with the foot method mentioned above.  I especially like to use this on my kiddos.  It is very effective in getting the oils into their body, they can still smell the oil, but there is no risk of them getting the oils on their fingers and rubbing their eyes.  Our nervous system runs through our spine, and the Raindrop Technique is administered on the feet and along the spine.

We use the skin method when trying to obtain a localized result.  If I have a pimple on my chin I will apply Purification directly to the pimple (not on the bottom of my feet or spine).  Or, if my kids get a mosquito bite I will apply lavender directly to the bite; and so on. 

Applying oils under the tongue are especially powerful in various desires.  One way I like to use them under the tongue is when I want to unclog my sinuses or ears.  Something like peppermint under the tongue does the trick for me.

Ingesting the oils is excellent and powerful.  You can simply drop your oils in water, tea, honey or clear vegetable capsules and ingest.  Some of the oils taste great, so drinking water with lemon, orange, tangerine, a treat.  If you have a scratchy throat, drinking hot tea with honey and lemon oil is soothing.  And if you want to use a strong oil, or combination of oils, using a vegetable capsules is highly effective.

Now that you know HOW to use your oils you can go order them HERE.  Don't forget to Share The Health!

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