Wednesday, February 8, 2012


In just over three weeks my little girl will be 4.  Yes, F O U R.  Four Years Old! 

I am really excited about this birthday mostly because she is really excited.  She finally understands birthdays and growing older.  She realizes that she is turning four and wants to have friends at her party.  When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she replied, "Four girls.  Mommy make the biggest cake in the whole wide world.  Pink and purple presents.  Balloons."  OK.  So that is a party according to Mackenzie.  I hope she is not too disappointed that we are going to have a park party with a lot of family, and probably four girls, and some boys too.  I also hope she doesn't mind that I am not making the biggest cake ever!  I am going to try to make the personal Oreo cheesecakes and maybe some cake pops!  Both of which I can make without artificial food color, and have actually found all natural sprinkles in chocolate, pink and yellow!  As for everything else...who knows???  I suppose we will just celebrate!

How Do You Grow?

This morning I decided to pull out my baby book and have fun looking at old pictures of me when I was a tiny tot; like my own children are right now.  I wanted to read what my Mom wrote about me when I was my kids ages.  And I wanted to compare my height and weight with my precious little ones.

It was really fun!

First, can you guess what age I was when I weighed what Mackenzie is now?  And when I was her height now?  She is 41" tall and 41 pounds (perfect BMI according to the doctor, just ahead of her age).  She has practically been the same size for an entire year now, so not much has changed from her 3rd birthday to her upcoming 4th birthday; except she looks older and more mature.  So, have you figured it out yet?  How old was I when I was 41" tall and weighed 41 pounds?  I was six.  Yup, six years old.  I was average; but she will be tall! 

Next, let's do Micah.  Micah is 15 months old and is about 30" and weighs right at 22 pounds.  How old do you think I was when I was 30" and 22 pounds?  If you guessed 15 months then you are right!  Micah has been tracking almost exactly what I tracked as a baby.  Does that mean he will only be 5'3" and 103 pounds?  No, actually he will probably just continue to grow past junior high (when I stopped growing) and will most likely outgrow his sister; as boys typically do!  But even if he is tiny we love him that way.  I rather enjoy being small ;)

Other interesting things about my baby book is all of the notes my Mom wrote about singing and dancing.  Both of my kids LOVE, LOVE, L-O-V-E to sing and dance!