Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I wanted to talk about my absolutely favorite essential oil...FRANKINCENSE!!!! 

There are other oils that do a lot that my family relies upon heavily, and I am sure I would call them my favorite oils also, but Frankincense is still my absolute favorite.  Maybe it is because it is mentioned so much in the Bible.  Did you know that essential oils are mentioned hundreds of times in scripture, and frankincense is mentioned over 50 times itself?  Maybe it is because it smells so good and is really uplifting.  Could it be because it was one of the gifts the 3 Wise Men brought baby Jesus?  Yes, it is all of those and so much more!  Frankincense just does so much, is so very gentle and feels so good when being used.

When my daughter, Mackenzie, was a baby frankincense was my 'go to' oil.  It was gentle enough to use full strength on her delicate baby skin, yet it worked so quickly to resolve whatever issue I was using it for (usually stuffy nose or cough).  It was also very calming!  As we all know, a baby with a stuffy nose or a cough is fidgety and irritated, but whenever I would apply the frankincense she would calm down and enjoy breathing it in.  She loved it (and lavender) so much that when she was old enough she began asking for them by name.

Frankincense is naturally antitumoral, an immunostimulant, an antidepressant and muscle relaxing.  It is great for depression, respiratory infections and inflammation.  It is also immune stimulating.

I like to use frankincense to enhance the properties of other oils I am using.  For instance, if I am using lavender for a deep tissue bruise I would also apply frankincense to deepen and enhance the lavender.

I was using lavender to clear up a sty in my eye and it worked after about 3 days of use.  I kept getting these sty's in my eye and kept using the lavender and again after about 3 days it would clear up (before I used lavender the sty would last 1-2 weeks).  After several successful uses of lavender I decided to use frankincense before bed on the first day I noticed I had a sty; and guess what?  The sty was GONE the next morning and I have never had another sty in either of my eyes...and that was over a year ago!

Now, take the story above and replace the word sty with mouth cold sores.  The exact same thing happened, I used lavender and they would go away after a few days.  I used frankincense and GONE overnight, never to return!  See why I love this oil?  It just seems to work so very quickly for me, and thus far has eradicated the very root of the issue in multiple situations. 

Testimony for Arthritis Pain:  A customer of mine had severe arthritis pain in her wrists and could hardly do specific tasks like open jars, turn door knobs...  I recommended PanAway for her use and also told her that she could use frankincense on top of the PanAway to drive the oils deeper into the joints.  I assured her that it really does work, and that she may want to heavily dilute the PanAway because it is such a strong oil.  When she received her oils she was so excited, but because she had been living with such sever pain for so long she did what I said without diluting.  She said it burned intensely for about 10 minutes, but after that the pain in her wrists was gone, and it didn't return for several days!  The more she used it the longer she went without pain!  So exciting!

I also use frankincense to anoint my new born babies when I pray over them, and to anoint people when I pray for healing.  Before I go to a prayer meeting I also like to put a few drops in the palms of my hands and just sit before the Lord in prayer while breathing in the aroma.  It is powerful yet calming all at once.  It seems to usher in the presence of the Lord; the very atmosphere I want to keep in my home!

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  1. How did you apply the lavender on the stye. My 2 year old has one for about a week and it just hit me to use lavender oil on it.

    1. I applied on the eyebrow, bridge of nose and upper (bony) part of the cheek. I like frankincense and lavender.

  2. did you dilute frankincense when using it for stye? apply on the eyebrow, bridge of nose and upper (bony) part of the cheek too?

    1. I do not dilute because it is a mild oil and I LOVE it. You may dilute 1:1 if you choose.

  3. Ok I have a testament to using frankincense on a stye or chalazion. I started getting a sore little bump under my lower lashes (left eye) last night and I do have a history of having to have surgical drainage of these things (MIGHTY painful I might add). Well, last night when this one started, I put a few drops onto my fingertip and then gently rubbed the oil (frankincense only) directly on the skin of the lower lid (almost up to the eyelashes). It burned...but was tolerable. This morning........GONE GONE GONE!!!! I cannot believe this!! Like I said, I normally have to have these surgically lanced to get them to go away. Frankincense really is a GODsend!!!!!!!

  4. Omg Thank you so much! Im going to try this!!!!


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