Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jesus Visits

Usually Wayne goes in to get Mackenzie in the morning, but this morning she was not ready to get up and wanted to stay in her bed, so he left her to get ready for work and later I went in to check on her.  As soon as I walked into her room I asked her if she was ready to get up and she nodded yes and sat up on the side of her bed.  She looked at me and said, "Jesus touched my shoulder" as she pointed to her left shoulder.  I asked her if her shoulder hurt and she said, "No, Jesus made it all better."  I then asked her if it had hurt before Jesus touched it and she said, "No, Jesus touced my shoulder and make it all better."  I asked her if she saw Jesus or if she just felt Jesus and she said, "I saw Jesus and he touched my shoulder."  I said, "What did he look like?"  She said, "He looked like God."

Very cool!  Looks like Jesus had a visit with Mackenzie this morning and He put His hand on her shoulder.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First What?

Today was a great family day, and a day of multiple firsts.

Micah's FIRST tooth came in today.

Micah's FIRST visit to the zoo.

Our FIRST visit to the zoo as a family.

Our FIRST family fun day where Wayne took a day off to have FUN.

Mackenzie's FIRST McDonald's Happy Meal.

Micah's FIRST tan (even though he had sunscreen and stroller shade, and we stayed under the trees).  He has Mommy's skin.

Various Subjects

Yesterday was a BIG day for the Sherwood Family...at least in my opinion. 

This first subject you may not want to read about as it pertains to potty training, so if not please skip down to the next paragraph.  Mackenzie had a HUGE breakthrough yesterday.  She aked to go potty then sent me out of the restroom and made me close the door.  A moment later she called me in and she had gone poo poo on the potty!  We made a very big deal over this and she got three M&M's and a prize from her pink potty grab bag!!!!  Great days ahead, I just know it.

Mackenzie's little friend had his 3rd Birthday and party yesterday at the park and Mackenzie had a wonderful time; until, that is, Saw's baby brother Lincoln decided to 'share' his cupcake with everyone around.  To fully appreciate what I am saying please visit HERE.  You can read the story and see photo evidence.  This so tramatized her that even after having a great time playing on the playground again that when we were in the car to go home I aked her if she had fun and she anounced that it was awful!  This kid crackes me up.

Then, on another note another friend of mine had baby #3 last night! 

Now off to Family Fun Day.