Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tutu Dresses Now Available

Costume tutu dresses for newborn to 2T are now available for $25 for one, $45 for two, $20 each for three or more.  Each style below is also available in bigger girl sizes for the same prices listed above, but without the dress bodice.  Cost does not include shipping.  Custom tutus also available.  To order e-mail or visit my page on facebook at!/pages/Mackiedoodles/125344560889107

(Great for photo props, birthdays, Halloween, themed parties, holidays, Christmas, New Years, pageants, dress up, play time and much more)

Fairy comes with wings

Bumble Bee comes with wings and feather hair clip

Lady Bug comes with wings and feather hair clip (example of tutu without dress bodice)

Princess comes with tiara (or feather hair clip for babies)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Food Dye Update

Just an update...Mackenzie is doing AWESOME off of food dyes (like: Red 40, Yellow 5...).  She has not had one single rage since being off of them.  I have called dozens of manufacturers, fast food places, ice cream shops and restaurants to find out which food contain the dye so we can avoid them if we are ever eating out and about. 

Two of the places I spoke with had employees with children that are sensitive to food dyes, and one had a lady that got off of them for her eczema!  Petroleum based chemicals should NOT be in our food for any reason...actually, some of these dyes were banned from being in gasoline because it is too dangerous to inhale, yet we are eating it!  Too bad the people that regulate our gasoline rules are not regulating our food, then maybe this stuff would not be in our food, so for now we read labels and stay healthy by being aware and educated.

Food dyes have been linked to insomnia, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, Allergies, Cancer, Angry Rages, Suicide, Skin problems and more.

So if you have unexplained health issues try looking at what you are eating; the answer may be in your food.

Mackenzie Phrase

Don't you just love hearing what little kids say?  I do, they can keep you laughing all day long.  I keep trying to write Mackenzie's phrases down in her baby book, or blog them here, but as a busy mom of two...I forget. 

Here is one from yesterday.  I am always asking Mackenzie if she shut the door because we don't want to let the air conditioner escape.  So when I asked her if she shut the door she said, "Oh No!  The furniture is getting away!"  Super cute :)

She most often refers to her brother as Baby Brother, So Cute, or Micah, Micah Wayman if he is crying or doing something she does not like.

Both Mackenzie and Micah seem so much older and bigger to me.  I view Mackenzie more as a big kid or child lately and not a toddler (she is 3 years old), but in my mind I think she should be a toddler.  Well, she is growing up on me.  Micah can stand on his own, crawls the big boy way (still prefers to army crawl), pulls up on everything, tries to climb on stuff, and is trying really hard to walk on his own.  I'm really not ready for my 8-month old to be walking, but if I were to guess I would say he will be walking some time in his 9th month.  He is really happy and LOVES his big sissy.  I think I hear him saying phrases also.  The phrase that is the most clear is "I like it."  Which I think he picked up from me asking him if he likes what he is eating and his Sissy when she says, "I think he likes it".  He also says, Mama, Dada, Kiss, Did it and a few more I can't think of right now.  So far he has NO INTEREST in signing like Mackenzie did and does, and hates television.  He wants to play and get into EVERYTHING.  So very curious.

The only trouble we have is when he tries to play with Mackenzie's toys...she is not sharing very well yet with him, but we are working on that.

Oh, last night Mackenzie didn't want to go to sleep, so when Daddy put her in her bed he told her to sing.  We could hear her singing for over an hour from the other room.  It was really funny and sweet!