Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days

Mackenzie starts pre-school just after Labor Day this year, and I don't exactly know what to do about that?  It is a wonderful thing, and she will LOVE the consistent interaction with other kiddos her age, and her teacher and teacher's assistant.  I expect her to mature a lot, and possibly even end the year doing quantum physics, or maybe just writing her name, but still!  I'm not sure I know what I will do.  I mean, I have never been apart from her more than 3 hours straight; and certainly never had her with people other than Grandparents for any length of time.  Yes, she goes to Sunday School, but that is maybe 2 hours and once a week.  Now she will be at SCHOOL for 5.5 hours two days a week!  That is a whopping 11 hours a week away from Mommy plus Sunday School for 13 hours a week!  And the scary thing about this...she will enjoy being away from me :)  It is a good thing, and now, just maybe, I can clean the house!

Yes, I will post pictures on that famous "First Day of School" and compare them to her last day of school. 


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