Monday, December 3, 2012

Toddler Talk

Around my house most of the conversation in toddler lead, so topics can range from cars to princesses pretty much all day.  Here are a few of our more recent conversations.

We have a lighted nativity in our study, and each morning Micah insists we turn it on. Usually after turning it on he proceeds to name all of the nativity figures then just looks at it for a long time.  The other morning after turning it on he sat down and said, "Hey Wise Man! You hungry?" Then he proceeded to share his yogurt with the Wise Men ... A nativity cleaning followed!  Then I heard him try to share his veggie sticks with them. I attempted to tell him that they don't like veggie sticks because they didn't have them back then...Micah's reply with great feeling "OH MAN!"

The other day Mackenzie and Micah had a picnic lunch in the back yard with the back door open while I did a few things around the house. After a few minutes Micah marched in and announced "Mommy. (pause) I ate a bug!" He was very proud of himself.   I asked him to show me, so he opened his mouth and pointed.  I didn't see anything so I told him to go drink some water to wash it down.  He proudly marched back outside and drank some water.  Silly boy.

After Micah's nap Mackenzie (his older sister) usually goes in to him, climbs on his bed and they just talk.  Yesterday I heard her telling him, "Micah, we need to pray to the Lord.  You know...God."  So sweet.

Here is one with my kids on family expansion.  We were driving the other evening and this is what came from the back seat.  Mackenzie: "Mommy, we need a baby girl.  Micah, do you want a baby girl?"  Micah: "Yeah!"  Mackenzie: "Mommy, Micah and I want a baby sister.  When are you going to get pregnant again?"  Wow!  Umm, what if it was a boy?  Would they still want a younger sibling?