Friday, July 5, 2013

Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

I have been making my own Non-Toxic, All-Natural Cleaning Products for quite some time now, and truly enjoy it!  Making my cleaning products actually makes me want to clean!  Gasp!  I know, right?  The products clean so well, smell so good, and don't make me dizzy to inhale, don't make me break out in a rash or make me want to put off cleaning for another day.

The biggest obstacle to getting started with making your own cleaners is knowing where to start, so here is a great resource with various recipes For Recipes Click Here.

Another thing to note is that these cleaners are typically harmless to humans, and the essential oils are very beneficial (I add essential oils to all of my cleaners for the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and purifying properties).  So I would consider these safe to use around all people, kids and pets; contrary to most chemical cleaners that are full of warning labels and harsh compounds.  Plus, these homemade cleaners are very cost effective!

Here are some of the 'KEYS' to making your own cleaner:

1. Store in a glass bottle or jar if possible because essential oils are very strong and will eventually eat through plastic.  Use an amber or dark colored bottle when available.  (you can purchase online or go to Hobby Lobby and other craft stores)

2. Store away from direct sunlight.  This will help the oils and cleaners to maintain their properties, and the cleaning products will last for ages!

3. Use oils that you enjoy the fragrance of since you will be using these cleaners in your home.

4. Use oils with good anti fungal, antiviral, antibacterial properties (although most any oil will work).  Lemon, Peppermint, Pine and all the Citrus' are highly recommended.

5.  You can mix and match oils so feel free to change it up with each batch you make. 

6. 15 oz bottle of essential oil yields approximately 250 drops, so when you see the recipes you will find that you can make several batches of cleaner from one bottle of E.O. (I get my essential oils from you can sign up under my agent number 1069772)

7. These make great gifts! 

You can purchase glass bottles/jars from you local craft or hardware store, or check out these links:

Alright, now go out there and make some non-toxic and beneficial cleaning product.  Here's to a happy, healthy and more natural home!

To order Young Living oils go to and use member #1069772 (if outside the US click here)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Detox & Cleanse

Here is one of my old posts, but with some new links!

Ever wonder why that new thing you are doing is just not working?  Like the healthy eating, juicing, all natural and pure supplements and exercising are not kicking in the way you would like?  Sure, you notice a difference, but where is the WOW factor in this new lifestyle?

It is quite possible that your body is so bound  up with toxins and junk that you need to do a cleanse, a fast, a detox (or whatever other name you want to give it) before you will really see results.  It is a lot like hitting the reset button on your electronic device.  Everything is cleared out and you get to start with a clean slate.  That is what 'cleaning out' your body does, it resets everything. 

Looking at your past and current lifestyle will depend on how long you need to hold down the reset button and how often you need to reset, again.  If you have been eating clean for quite some time then simply doing a few meal replacements or a short 3 day fast could work for you.  On the contrary, if you eat out a lot and drink fluids other than water, fresh juice (made at home) and herbal tea then you probably need a week long fast or longer.  If you are dealing with heavy food addiction, smoking and alcohol you probably need to start with baby steps (replace 2 meals a day with juicing) then go into a longer fast.

If you have health issues it is always advisable to seek a doctor's permission before beginning a new or strict program, and it is always good to note that this blog is not intended to diagnose illness or provide cures.

What does a fast or cleanse do?  I'm glad you asked! 
  • It helps to retrain your taste buds (out with the junk, in with the fresh)
  • Helps your body to remove addictions to artificial food preservatives and additives (and possibly other addictions as well).  Things such as MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, caffeine...
  • Removes daily toxin build up from living in a world full of chemicals
  • Cleans out your colon so you can absorb ALL the good nutrients you consume.
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Improves skin tone
  • Increases energy
  • Allows the body to alkalize and fight disease
  • Give the gut a rest from digesting food all the time
  • Jump starts weight loss
  • Jump starts weight gain in an underweight and malnourished individual.
  • Jump starts building good muscle tone for those exercising (don't train during a fast, but after the fast is over you can hit it hard and see the results)
  • Help men experiencing issues in bed to be reawakened
  • Aids in overall well being
Now don't get me wrong.  Fasting is not easy.  If your body is particularly bound up with toxins you will experience some detox symptoms the first few days.  But somewhere along the way you will begin to feel better, then feel great.  That is the point where you can be sure you have detoxed your body long enough, but feel free to go longer, or just detox more often!  Some do a 1 day detox monthly, others a 3 day detox quarterly, and still others a 10 day detox annually.  You decide what is right for you.

Here are some good juice fasting resources:
And so much more. 

Juice Fast recommendations:
  • Breakfast meal replacement only
  • Lunch meal replacement only
  • Juice breakfast and lunch then eat a healthy dinner
  • 3 day juice fast only
  • 5 day juice fast only
  • 10 day juice fast only
  • 21 day juice fast only
  • Juice for 3 days only after traveling or a stressful life event
By-the-way, only juice organic fruits and veggies.  And juice veggies WAY MORE then fruit.

Try it, you just might like it, and see some real health benefits!