Friday, January 29, 2016

Teach Them To Be Entrepreneurs

Do you have older children or young adults?  Maybe even a daughter (or son) as young as age 7 or even in college?  Maybe you are a seasoned woman looking to retire or supplement your income?  Well, it is never too early (or too late) to learn foundation building business skills that will carry them (and you) trough life.  And possibly even build them an empire they can use through adulthood! 

How, you ask? 

Well, one such family with two young girls (junior high and early high school) has done just that by having the Mom join my Jamberry team, but letting her girls do the bookings, presentations, demonstrations, sales, orders and even recruiting!  Mom is there every step of the way, hosting the parties at her house; inviting the girls sports teams, club and school friends, church and social circle ladies and even meet the neighbors.  Fun Mom and Daughter parties, and get this...they only do them once a month in her house.  She likes to book a Saturday early in the month and do two or three back to back parties (each 2 hour time slots) so that the girls are tied up one weekend and only have to do followup and recruiting the rest of the month! 

Lucrative Commission and Bonuses - Paid every Friday

And guess what? 

They are KILLING IT just out of the box.  Actually, they have easily met Jamberry's fun Fast Start Goals and are bringing a few friends along with them to learn these amazing life skills.  Plus, the girls have set a fun vacation goal with the money they are earning.  It is super fun to watch them learn and grow together, and I love helping them along the way! 

Fun 'Fast Start' Goals to help you get up and running successfully.

So, do you have a daughter that would like something fun and easy to sell while earning her own money, learning business sense, building an empire and growing into a beautiful young woman?  If so, ask me more about joining my Jamberry team.  It is fun and easy, and there is an entire network of women here to help you and your girls reach your goal!  Plus, a super helpful Facebook team that you can be a part of to help with parties, games and more!

Generous Hostess Rewards for your own parties and your hostesses parties
PS - It doesn't hurt that these are super fun, sassy and pretty nail rocket science needed!

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PSS - We are coming upon a really exciting two months with Jamberry in February and March, so now is a great time to join and get your Launch parties going (with some help, of coarse).

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