Monday, January 25, 2016

Aloe Vera

So, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have dealt with horrible skin rashes off and on for years.  They first appeared with my first pregnancy, then disappeared after about 3 months.  Then they came back during my second pregnancy (more severe this time) and lasted about a year.  This last bout began with my third pregnancy, has covered most of my body at one time or another, has been AWFUL and is going on two and a half years now.  The rashes recently got a lot worse; after having gotten a lot better, yet never having fully disappeared during the 'better' stage.  I have used Essential Oils (which have worked in every area of my life except these rashes), I have done colon cleanses, anti-histamine diet, candida cleanse and diet, liver/gallbladder cleanses, parasite cleanse, allergy testing and avoidance, and the beginning of heavy metal detoxing.  The best response I got was from the combined candida diet and anti-histamine diet, but with only eating vegetables and meat (no fruit or carbs) I began rapidly losing weight...not good, I am already small.  So I was only able to sustain that diet for 4 months.  Where am I going with all of this?  Well, we are still searching for answers and trying to get to the 'root' cause, but I found something that is helping; tremendously!!!!


We have a very large Aloe Vera plant that lives in our back yard.  His name is Hercules.  Yes, we name our plants ;)  Down here in the south we have not really had a winter this year, so Hercules is just happy as can be living outside, but about 5 nights ago we were going to have weather in the 30's, so we decided to bring Hercules inside; he like the heat, cold, not-so-much!  Anyway, after we brought him in I said, "Why am I not putting Hercules' aloe gel on these rashes?  It can't hurt, and just might help.  Hello!

That night I began putting his gel on my lower legs and arms every night and morning, and WOW!  Seriously, these rashes are almost gone!  The itching that has been living below my skin is still there, so I am still scratching, but the actual skin is healing.  Fast!  And the itching is slowing diminishing.  After only 5 days!  I have been fighting this for over 2-years, so this a HUGE PRAISE THE LORD.  I am praying that these rashes go completely away, along with the itching, scratching, burning and root cause.  Pray with me, and thank God for creating Aloe Vera. 

Have skin issues?   Get yourself an aloe plant and see if it just might help.  You never know!

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